USB Credit Card Reader + Authorize.Net Software Interface for Laptop or Desktop Computers (Windows and MAC)

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USB Credit Card Reader + Authorize.Net Software Interface for Laptop or Desktop Computers (Windows and MAC)

Our Point-of-Sale Software has received numerous awards from Paypal, eBay and others for being the most innovative point of sale software!! Originally created for the PayPal Virtual Terminal, our software now also works with!

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  • PC and MAC Compatible
  • For a limited time!!!  Get our credit card reader FREE when you purchase this software! (a $85.95 value!)
  • For All accounts
  • Reader is Small, Portable, Lightweight and Durable - only 3.5" x 1" x 1" !!!
  • Plugs into any USB Port on your Laptop/Desktop
  • No Contract
  • USBSwiper does not charge or add on any transaction fees
  • Turns your computer into a fully functional credit card processing terminal
  • Software Interface for Authorize.Net Gateway and Merchant Account gives you "State of The Art" Point-of-Sale credit card processing
  • Software also interfaces with our other low rate merchant accounts that can be used on mobile devices and computers or websites
  • Free Tech Support Initial Setup Included!

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Our Credit Card Swiper / Software Combo is the only product you need to process Credit Cards using your PC or MAC and your Authorize.Net Gateway and Merchant Account Solution.  Now turn your gateway and/or merchant account into a fully functional Point of Sale swipe system.  

USBSwiper does not charge or add on any transaction fees

"Swipe" or Manually Type in credit card information for easy credit card processing.

With this powerful software you can also authorize transactions for hotel, restaurant, or car rental type businesses that need to wait until the entire transaction is done before charging the full amount.

Create cash transaction invoices and print receipts as well.

No cancellation fees! 

No Contracts!

Free Tech Support Initial Setup Included!

Also Checkout our Discounted Bundle Packages which include - Software, Swiper, Printer, Bar Code Scanner

Latest Customer Reviews on USBSwiper

I have used the USBSwiper service for several months now, and am very impressed with the ease of it and also the immediate answers and service I have received at times when I have called with questions. Those who answer the phones are very helpful and never rush me, and are American, not outsourced. This is a very good credit card processing system.

Why am I a Big Fan of USBSwiper? I own a small dress store located in an old barn in a small town in Midway, Texas. I am only open on Saturdays from 10-4 but people drive from all over Texas to shop here on Saturdays. Over the past 10 years the store has kept growing bigger and bigger and I had no way to accept credit cards without going through a major hassle with a bank set up. I have had a Pay Pal account for many years and a couple years back I found USBSwiper and saw that they were offering a way for merchants to accept credit cards and have the money go right into my Pay Pal account. I was very excited and started looking more into the USBSwiper plan right away. Where USBSwiper shines is in their unparalleled customer service. USBSwiper is quick, easy and perfect! I have no problems with my USBSwiper. Swiping the cards increased my sales by nearly double. Before, I had to type in names, addresses, card numbers, etc into Pay Pal for each transaction and it took forever to check a customer out, so this also saves me a lot of time. I used the extra time to build a small web site for the store, My thanks to everyone at USBSwiper for making such a helpful product. I recommend it fully to everyone who asks me. I own and run The Secret Sale Barn, 17509 OSR in Midway, Texas. My name is Katherine and you can write me any time at if you have any questions about how wonderful this product is. Better yet, come to Midway, Texas and see it in action! We would love to have you visit the barn!

There are many positive things we could say about USBSwiper. I think the primary one is that it is a very clean and easy way to integrate a PayPal account with a physical store location and is the ideal transitional tool for online merchants who find themselves wanting or needing to sell offline. We roast and package premium coffees and sell them online, in our brick and mortar store, and wholesale through about 75 grocery stores in the Midwest.