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How the USBSwiper / PayPal Here Credit Card Processing System Saves Retailers

If you haven’t yet heard of the USBSwiper, then you are totally missing out on something that might just get your sales boosted up. We all know how much of a waste it can be to turn down customers who wish to pay via credit card only because you don’t have a portable credit card reader with you at a certain time. Well, you are definitely not the only one with this dilemma.

While sales at flea markets, trade shows, conventions and seminars previously were cash-based sales, more and more credit cards have become more prevalent. When a customer finds something they just feel like they really need they typically expect these days to be able to pay for it with a credit card especially if they don’t have enough cash to pay for it. Some entrepreneurs might think missing out even on just a couple of sales is not really a big deal but if you are real serious about your business, every sale should matter.

So how do you completely avoid missing out such sale opportunities? You procure a credit card reader system that’s easy, efficient, low cost and convenient to set up! A system that can work on both Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets

The USBSwiper

The USBSwiper is a complete credit card processing system that will solve your, as well as many other entrepreneurs’, problem. Originally, it was designed for small businesses looking out for inexpensive ways of taking and processing credit card payments whether at fixed locations or for mobile applications. Aside from it being really simple to set up, it’s also very efficient in that it can be combined with a prominent merchant account such as PayPal and more. It’s a growing leader in credit card processing solutions and has even been awarded numerous times for its innovative software application.

Why You Need the USBSwiper

There are many stores and businesses out there that solely rely on merchant accounts that offer a web based solution called a virtual terminal. It might seem easy when you think about it at first but when you get on with the process at the storefront, processing with the Virtual Terminal alone can make the checkout longer than it should. It’s nothing major if you only have a customer or two lining up, but what about during busy times?

The USBSwiper Card Reader comes with software that incredibly simplifies checking out. Using the tool, you only need to use the scanner or add the transaction details, swipe the customer’s credit card, print the receipt, have the customer sign and that’s basically it! What’s more is that it can be integrated with your computer whether you have a Mac or a PC. It accepts both Visa and MasterCard, thus giving you edge over other vendors at trade shows or flea markets as well.

The PayPal Here product works incredibly well on smartphones and tablets and allows a very portable system to take credit cards on the go. Customers sign the screen so that beautifully formatted receipts can be emailed to the customers.

Another great thing about the USBSwiper is the customer service. Whatever question you may have about the device or program, a customer service team will always be ready with the answers.

All in all, the USBSwiper is simply a highly recommended credit card processing system that is guaranteed to be well worth every dollar you will invest.


How the USBSwiper / PayPal System Helps HALO Branded Solutions

A lot of entrepreneurs and businesses opt for the complete USBSwiper system which is comprised mainly of the credit card reader and the PayPal Point of Sale Software because the set up is not only easy to use but is also cost-effective and very portable. And now with the addition of the PayPal Here system for smartphones and tablets, credit card processing ease of use and portability has entered a whole new realm. However, one company has discovered upon their use of the system that it actually does more than it claims!

Here is the story of how HALO Branded Solutions found the perfect system for their business and why they considered it.

HALO Branded Solutions

HALO Branded Solutions is a company that runs on selling various promotional products to businesses – big or small. Although they are already one of the larger companies within their industry, HALO Branded Solutions still aims to further expand. Thus, they do not only conduct their business in-house but also see through participating in trade shows happening across cities and states. And to better sell their products to the best and biggest clients, they needed a platform which they can use to process incoming business transactions.

One such platform is the payment system. HALO Branded Solutions needed something that offers far more than just a reasonable price. Efficiency of usage and portability are two qualities on top of their list. Another is the capacity of the device to sit on possibly flimsy surfaces as folding tables, which are what are commonly used in outdoor events.

The USBSwiper happened to be everything they were looking for, AND MORE. Aside from the favorable build, the device took on a functionality that provided them more than just credit information. With the USBSwiper, they found it easier to analyze the products they were promoting and selling at events. Accounting for inventory details, invoices, reports and creating records they can internally present to their clients were also made so much more convenient by the USBSwiper system.

According to HALO Brand Solutions, the USBSwiper is the perfect payment system for their business. The platform has such a great balance that they get all the information they need while enjoying its ease of use. Plus, they found the capacity of the device to export custom reports most helpful to their company as it is a process necessary in analysis, reconciliation and presentation of reports. With great tech support and customer service, HALO Branded Solutions was definitely sold to the system.

In just the first several months of use, the company HALO Brand Solutions had processed almost 10,000 transactions using the complete USBSwiper System: the credit card reader, PayPal Point of Sale Software, printers and bar-code scanners. They have been to various events in LA, Birmingham, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Boston and Denver, among others, and have since never been let down by the system.

Just One of the Many

HALO Branded Solutions is just one of the many companies that discovered the even better side of the complete USBSwiper system. For more testimonials, make sure to regularly visit and update with our blog!


What Ten Toes Love About the USBSwiper-PayPal POS

What Ten Toes Love About the USBSwiper-PayPal POS

As the USBSwiper is a mobile credit card processing brand that’s on the rise in the field of business, many companies, businesses and entrepreneurs have started to grow into its use. Superb functionality, portability and affordability are just some of the common feedback you will hear about the system. These are major aspects to consider alright, but there is one particular factor that completely sold Ten Toes to the groundbreaking credit card swiper-software combination. Curious?

About Ten Toes

Ten Toes is a company that’s centered on childbirth education and support systems that new mothers typically need. It was started by 2 working professional mothers who aimed to start up a modernized interpretation of learning everything about childbirth. Ten Toes basically provides comprehensive classes on prenatal and postpartum periods, informing new moms, dads and their extended families about the different styles of childbirth, thus helping them make more informed decisions on a variety of options.

How the USBSwiper System Helped Ten Toes

Ten Toes found the USBSwiper system a breeze to work with. It’s easy to set up and especially convenient to use. Now, there’s no longer the impulse to cringe upon the sight of customers handing out their credit cards when it comes to payment settlement. The process has significantly become so simple that crowded counters almost instantly cleared up one swipe after another.

But aside from the efficiency it provides with charging credit cards, the USBSwiper system has helped Ten Toes keep a more organized list of the products they offer, all complete with details such as tax rates and percentage discounts. Because the system also supports Excel files, Ten Toes is able to easily keep track of their sales, revenue and inventory. It’s a simple point-of-sale system that has considerably helped Ten Toes smooth out their business transactions and operations.

What Sold Ten Toes to the USBSwiper

The USBSwiper credit card reader is just one of the many technologies out there that businesses can use for credit card charging. However, what makes it unique is how it can be seamlessly integrated into the interface of Paypal accounts whether Payments Pro or Payflow Pro. Plus, it works on both PC and Mac platforms!

The main thing that sold Ten Toes to the USBSwiper System though is the excellent tech support and customer service. The system comes with a forum that users can refer to for troubleshooting or for contact information of the developer. From the initial system set up to the programming, they have been guided all throughout by the responsive technical support.

To Ten Toes, the fact that they can communicate directly with the developer was what made things so much easier for them. They were so pleased with how the USBSwiper team was always so eager to resolve any situation that they even bought the attending tech support personnel some beer at one of the trade shows as a sign of their gratitude. The excellent technical support simply topped the system’s affordable pricing, portability, ease of use and innovativeness.


Client Testimonials: How USBSwiper and PayPal Helped True Perforations

Contrary to what many might have thought, there ARE still businesses that restrict their sales to cash basis only. One such business is True Perforations. Throughout the course of their operations, however, they found that running in such a manner didn’t allow them to maximize the revenue opportunities up front. They were missing sales from people who wanted to pay via credit card. So what did they do?

True Perforations

True Perforations is a small business that caters to body modification services such as permanent cosmetics and body piercing. However, over time, they have ventured into the sale of accessories, such as jewelry, to their clients.

In the past, True Perforations was solely run on a cash basis. However, they found that this restriction had somehow also caused them to miss out on several sales. When you are serious about your business, every sale must matter. Plus, running a business in this manner has become rather obsolete especially in this day and age when the use of credit cards is continuously flourishing.

When True Perforations finally decided to introduce a new payment scheme, the next problem that bugged them was that they found how expensive banks were charging for the credit card processing services. Not to mention, setting up an account was a hassle more than anything. Big corporations might not have a problem with this but True Perforations, like many typical small businesses in this country, was not a big corporation.

Finding the PayPal Virtual Terminal

Countessa or Ms. Dee (as she is known), owner of True Perforations, then found the PayPal Virtual Terminal. She tried it for some time and found it to be very helpful especially for web and phone orders. However, with regards to personal transactions, it turned out quite inconvenient as she had to enter all of her customers’ information each time. Hence, she started looking out for another solution.

Finding the USBSwiper

Upon bumping into the USBSwiper solution online, Ms. Dee’s first impression was that it was far cheaper than all the other credit card processing systems she had researched. There weren’t any long-term binding contracts or high fees that came with the usage as well. But what sold her to the unit ultimately was the PayPal integration feature. This means she no longer had to keep typing client information over and over again per transaction. Also, the USBSwiper allowed her to store products and their respective prices in a drop down menu, making everything easy for invoicing later on.

As True Perforations is looking into expanding their reach, the business is also an avid participant of conventions and trade shows. And especially for such mobile applications, they use the USBSwiper system as this allowed them to take credit transactions even without an internet connection. The processing of transactions can follow once a connection is already available.

According to True Perforations, the USBSwiper is a credit card processing system that was well-worth their investment. To date, they are continuously recommending its use to their peers and fellow businesses. Not only is it convenient to set up and operate, it is also low-cost and portable – simply perfect for any business whether big or small.


Client Testimonials & Usage: USBSwiper and PayPal Here

How do you gauge the effectiveness of a product? Is it by trusting the advertisements? Is it by buying them trying to see if it works? Well, there’s nothing really wrong with the aforementioned strategies, but there is one thing that you as a customer could always turn to and that is TESTIMONIALS.

Testimonials from a client that has actually used a product and was happy with the results can assure new or skeptical buyers that a product is worth the investment. That being said, how do you know whether USBSwiper or PayPal Here are the right fit for your business? Well, it’s best to check out the testimonials.


• Laura Reagan of Never Ever Give Up (Jessie Rees Foundation)

The Jessie Rees Foundation is a childhood cancer “care” foundation inspired by Jessie Rees, a 12 year old girl who fought two brain tumors for ten months before succumbing to the disease. When she was fighting cancer, Jessie shared a message to others on her Facebook fan page to “Never Ever Give Up.” This inspired the foundation to make sure that every child fighting cancer has the resources and support to Never Ever Give Up.

NEGU bought USBSwiper and was delighted that it worked perfectly well for them. Reagan said “It was not easy finding a manual USB card swiper that would both work in a Mac AND integrate with Auctions for SalesForce…”
• Jonathan Kisiloski of Canadian Sports Imports Ltd

Jonathan said that they have been using USBSwiper for approximately two years, and that they are very happy with it. He also said “We attend various events and trade shows and it’s great to have an easy and portable system to use for transactions and inventory control.”

PayPal Here

• Amara Beverage Company

Amara is a natural, unprocessed, low-calorie, and electrolyte-rich sports drink that is developed from raw coffee berries and other high-impact ingredients. The company mainly sells this product to athletes, which means that owner Greg Connolly and his team needs to be really mobile and flexible.

This is the reason he purchased PayPal Here because “It’s extremely painful for an early stage business to turn away customers that want to buy your product because you can’t accept cards.” He even cites PayPal Here for boosting sales by 20%.

• TopShelf Boutique

Who would’ve thought that running a fashion boutique from a truck would work? Well, owner Christina Ruiz will tell you that it does. After losing her father to cancer, Ruiz decided to pursue her passion for fashion and turned it into a business.

Of course, with her business being very mobile which requires her to be in different locations, a convenient payment solution is a crucial factor. And this is where PayPal Here can help. You can click here ( to view a video about her story and business.

As you can see, both USBSwiper and PayPal Here make great investments not just for the forward-thinking entrepreneur, but all retailers who want convenience when it comes to payment solutions.