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USBSwiper: The Completely Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution

The Advantage of Wireless Credit Card Terminals

When taking your business on the road there is no denying the advantages of being able to accept payment through credit cards no matter where you are. 83 percent of all customers prefer to pay with credit cards. Paying with credit cards is simply more convenient than paying with cash especially on large ticket items and the fact is very few people carry around their check book anymore. Mobile Point-of-Sale solutions, however, can be frustrating to set-up, and when you want to add the capability of processing credit card payments, things can quickly become tricky.

If you’ve ever had experience conducting a road-show, seminar, convention, or trade or art fair, you’re probably already aware of how inconvenient it can be to be forced to type the credit card information in manually – something many customers are reluctant to do for fear of credit card fraud. In these situations credit card terminals are very helpful because they can assist in avoiding typing errors by manually keying in information, ensure that the transaction is secure, and speed up the payment process allowing you to go to the next customer (reducing those long seminar lines). Being able to process credit card payments quickly means that you have access to more revenue sources, accept more customers, and basically earn more at the end of the day.

While wireless credit card terminals already exist in the market, they are often quite expensive, many costing upwards of three hundred dollars a unit for the most basic models and can even reach upwards of eight hundred dollars or more for the more sophisticated ones. Additional options like having an add-on for a printer or the kind of network your equipment runs on can quickly become an unnecessary headache. Even if you choose to lease the equipment there are still the additional fees to pay for the wireless carrier they run on, as well as the software that you need to use. When you start adding everything up it can get very expensive. Also, when your processing company decides that your terminal is outdated, they make you purchase or lease a new one meaning a whole new round of very expensive fees and costs for you.

Turn Your Laptop into a Wireless Credit Card Machine

The USBSwiper system does away with dedicated wireless networks and takes advantage of what you already have – a notebook computer and a USB port. Most people who do the majority of their business on the road are likely to already have a laptop with wireless Internet access as well as accounting software. By adding the USBSwiper system’s USB credit card reader you can take advantage of what you’ve already got and turn your notebook computer into a mobile point of sale system (POS) and process credit card payments using a secure payment processing system: PayPal. Coupled with the USBSwiper software that works with both PC’s and Mac’s, you will have all the advantages of wireless merchant processing while doing away with unnecessary headaches like having to buy or lease expensive wireless equipment or additional network charges for network sharing and roaming. USBSwiper gives you a completely mobile credit card processing solution powered by PayPal.

You’ll be able to process payments at a fraction of the cost of a conventional credit card merchant processor and save more of the profit for yourself. Unlike traditional merchant credit card processing companies that charge higher transaction fees for what is usually a “Non-Qualified” transaction, USBSwiper does away with that and only charges a flat rate for most major credit cards through PayPal. USBSwiper offers a quick and easy solution that you don’t have to shell out big bucks for, and it can easily integrate information with all your other accounting programs such as Quickbooks and Quicken. That means you can process credit card payments conveniently, increase productivity by reducing downtime at the books, and reduce data redundancy when working with all your credit card orders.

The Best Wireless Credit Card Processing Solution with USBSwiper

With PayPal as your credit card merchant and USBSwiper as your front end POS system, you’ll be able to process major credit cards at the same flat rate. There will no longer be any need to worry about certain cards that are unprofitable due to their high transaction rates because they are all processed according to a sales volume system rather than having to differentiate between a “Qualified” or “Non-qualified” transaction. Payments are deposited directly into your PayPal account so you get to see your profits immediately, instead of having to wait an additional 3-5 days after the sale. You’ll never have to refuse a customer again.

Better yet, because USBSwiper utilizes PayPal’s webserver rates, you will actually enjoy even lower flat rates – almost .25% lower through USBSwiper – than if you were to use PayPal’s Virtual Terminal or VT Swipe solution directly… and that low flat rate will hold true even for “Non-Card-Present” transactions as well! (such as phoned in orders -something everyone else charges you a higher rate for)

With other solutions, you’ll also be penalized for things that you have little to no control over. Other credit card processing merchant systems will often keep the transaction fees even after a transaction has been refunded, then add on their own penalty fee for refunds. USBSwiper’s PayPal-based system allows your transaction fees to be reimbursed to you when a refund takes place without any penalties.

USBSwiper also allows for instant notification of common transaction disputes and fraudulent charges. If disputes arise from common mistakes such as late deliveries, order discrepancies or damaged goods you’ll know about it. With PayPal as your merchant you don’t have to wait for as long as 90 days for you to be notified for a sale that you assumed went through. Paypal’s Resolution Center provides the convenient early warning you need to better react to these situations and deal with them accordingly. You can review the details of the dispute, communicate with the customer, reduce the possibility of the situation escalating into a charge-back, issue refunds when required, and maintain goodwill with your customers.

Improve Your Business with Mobile Credit Card Processing

As previously stated 83 percent of all customers prefer to make their purchases via credit cards. Not only is it more convenient, but today there are dozens of consumer protections that credit card companies offer – not to mention the miles and rewards programs that entice users. With traditional credit card merchants the transaction fees can vary depending on the type of card your buyer uses which can sometimes force you into either refusing the customer because of the cost of the transaction or stealing your hard earned profit away with much higher fees.

By being able to accept credit cards quickly and efficiently through USBSwiper, you are enabling your business to access to multiple streams of revenue. You get access to the convenience of a PayPal enabled credit card processing solution. You’ll no longer have to refuse a customer just because you don’t have the ability to process the transaction. And you can process major credit cards at the same flat rate and never refuse a customer again.

You can take the USBSwiper system wherever you go as long as you have Internet access. It hardly matters where your business is as long as you have wired or wireless Internet coverage. Take it anywhere and process credit card payments at concerts, seminars, mall kiosks, trade shows, fairs and carnivals. You’ll be able to process payments on-site and accept all kinds of credit cards and never have to re-type the information again. Just by adding on the USB credit card reader, the USBSwiper’s software and taking advantage of PayPal as your merchant, you get access to quite possibly the best credit card processing solution out there on the market… all this at the fraction of the cost of other merchant processors.

Do Away with Costly Mobile Credit Card Machines

Credit Card Processing Merchants already offer wireless credit card processing solutions. While they basically do the job they are supposed to, it doesn’t make sense to spend on wireless credit card terminals and network coverage that can cost as much as a laptop itself. And most, if not all of them, come with restrictive contracts and deceptive fine print that can mislead you into thinking you are getting a great deal. Those of us who are smarter know to steer clear of such offers with 1-3 year lock-in periods but are left with little options on how to process credit card transactions cheaply and efficiently. The options diminish further when you start looking for credit card solutions that allow mobility when transacting business.

Why should you have to purchase additional equipment when you’ve already got most of the tools that you need? With USBSwiper you don’t have to worry about buying or leasing any expensive equipment. It doesn’t have to come bundled with a contract that can cost you more than you bargained for. And we won’t lock you in once you decide to use our credit card processing solution. If you’ve already got a PC or laptop then all that’s left is a USB credit card reader, USBSwiper software, and a minor monthly fee of $4.95. Add it all up and it actually costs less than your average wireless credit card terminal to maintain for the entire year. You can quickly and conveniently import your orders into software like Quicken or Quickbooks and maximize your productivity and profitability.

What’s more, is that you also get an extremely flexible credit card processing solution that allows you to upload all your products and information into it so you can simply with a click of a button populate your invoice at time of checkout or even use a bar code scanner to populate your invoices for quicker checkout and processing of your customers.

What you get is an inexpensive mobile credit card machine along with wireless PayPal mobile credit card processing that can easily integrate with your style of business and save you time, money and give you piece of mind.

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