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PayPal Credit Card Solutions Through a Small Card Swiping Device

PayPal Card Processing

PayPal has succeeded in markets where other companies haven’t by simplifying their customer’s workflow. That’s what it’s done for transactions over the web. For those that aren’t familiar with what PayPal is at its core, it’s a way of sending money over the web, with your email address being the key identifier of the sender and the recipient of the funds. Effectively, what you experience is that somebody “emails you money.” Of course, it doesn’t technically happen that way, but that’s how it plays out with the user.

It’s this simplicity in experience and approach that PayPal has applied to several traditional business areas and has had great success. What many people don’t know is that PayPal has also been providing point of sale credit card merchant services for years through their Virtual Terminal setup and more recently VT Swipe. The red tape’s all but eliminated with PayPal, as they don’t impose the sort of setup fees, minimum transaction volume fees, or cancellation charges that you get with conventional merchant service providers. Everything is out in the open about PayPal credit card processing. When it comes to PayPal, there are no complicated variable scales or if-then situations about additional auxiliary fees and charges.

And then came along USBSwiper who’s fresh approach to the PayPal point of sale processing system made taking credit cards, faster, cheaper and better.

PayPal operates on a Flat Rate Processing system. What this means to you is that you will always know what your one single processing rate is for all your credit card transactions. No longer will you have to deal with “Non-Qualifying” much higher rate processing fees that make up the bulk of your transactions. And because USBSwiper accesses PayPal’s web-server rates, in the end, you end up paying much less month after month with the USBSwiper / PayPal credit card processing system than if you were using PayPal’s Virtual Terminal or VT Swiper system alone.

When you combine PayPal’s “less is more approach” to credit card transactions with a PayPal Certified Developer that’s made a name for itself by doing that exact same thing, you know you’re going to achieve some serious efficiency. That’s what we have with the USBSwiper: an incredibly efficient, easy to use system with the perfect blend of hardware, software, and PayPal that gives you the ideal inexpensive point of sale credit card processing system.

PayPal Credit Card Services

When you sign up for a USBSwiper credit card processing account along with a PayPal Virtual Terminal account, the mechanics of the transaction basically boil down to your computer and the USBSwiper. You take an order, and then quite simply, you swipe the card with the USBSwiper, and the data off the card is automatically transferred over to the USBSwiper desktop application, which manages your invoices and interfaces with PayPal’s servers directly. It’s so easy that it’s conceivable that grocers, with their incredibly high traffic and with their requirements for speedy processing, could even use the USBSwiper PayPal setup.

If you’re familiar with PayPal as a merchant services provider, you already know that the company offers some of the best and most robust merchant services the market has to offer. All of your standard merchant features are there, from the standard set of security protections, including 128-bit encryption of all data, to the automatic fraud protection that comes with every PayPal business account (which includes address or AVS verification, as well as card or CW2 verification checks); of course, at no additional charge.

Credit Card PayPal Synergy

Though the USBSwiper can be purchased separately, truly productive synergies are realized when the hardware coupled with the company’s software solution, drastically improves both the accuracy and the efficiency (i.e. the speed) of the sales transaction. Remember, the last thing your business needs is some snag at the point of transaction. The USBSwiper desktop app is incredibly intuitive, so you’re not likely to require much in the way of support, but it’s there for you if you need it. Appraisers of web assets and businesses often say that you can tell what sort of operation and company you’re dealing with by the kind of support that they offer, and USBSwiper offers a number of venues and web content for both sales and technical support. The company’s website is quite thorough about addressing every possible concern one could have about credit cards, merchant accounts, PayPal, and the USBSwiper suite of products and services.

One thing that small retailers will like about the USBSwiper Desktop app for card transactions is that the software streamlines a number of steps that you’d normally have to take, had you only the card reader and a PayPal account. You see, with PayPal, you’re still dealing with static web pages, more or less. And whenever that’s the case, inherent problems such as webpage loading times (which can be a problem that’s rooted in your ISP or other connectivity issues, as opposed to actually being a PayPal problem) will invariably create bottlenecks in your operation; again, the last thing you need as far as your company’s revenues are concerned.

Another massive benefit that the USBSwiper program gives you that you won’t get by using paypal directly is a lower processing rate. You see, USBSwiper accesses PayPal’s webserver rates which end up being almost .25% lower than using paypal virtual terminal or VT swipe directly. Also, you can use the USBSwiper not only for card present transactions but also for non card present transactions such as phone orders. The software interface will still afford you that same lower rate. So no matter how you intend to take credit card charges, Card Present or Non Card Present, the USBSwiper solution still saves you money.

PayPal Cards

Credit issuers are always looking for better ways to execute what occurs at the point of transaction, i.e. improving efficiencies about closing sales transactions. There has been a myriad of them; from RFID products, to various biometric systems. But what those that observe and study these processes are noting is that PayPal and USBSwiper have an understated approach to card transactions that’s both simple and elegant, yet highly effective in improving efficiencies. There are demonstrations of the system out on the web, on social media sites and services that quite clearly illustrate the fact that the coupling of the two make for drastically improved transaction times.

With USBSwiper, you round out and complete what was actually missing from the greater PayPal experience: a way to collect, batch, and transact the details and particulars about your sales and invoices between your local computer and PayPal in a way that’s highly efficient, secure, and without delays due to connectivity issues. Which leads us to the main attraction to the USBSwiper and PayPal coupling; applications.

Think about what you can do with USBSwiper. Not only can you use the USBSwiper system at your fixed location store, office, or business, but you can take your business on the road, without having to worry about infrastructure. Heck, most mobile phones these days can tether to a laptop, if you can’t find a hotspot. So what this means is, you can take your products to a convention, and actually ring up sales as if you were operating out of your home base’s retail outlet. Run the gamut of credit cards that you do from your shop, right there from the convention floor, all with the USBSwiper and laptop. And again, no more clumsy web browsers if you’ve got the USBSwiper desktop application. This same sort of system, purchased through a traditional merchant products and services provider would cost well into the thousands of dollars, not to mention the various fees and charges associated with using these mobile solutions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how efficient your sales team can be with a USBSwiper and a numerical keypad. And of course, all of your transactions are backed by the full faith and confidence that comes with using PayPal, so your customers won’t have a problem with repeat business, because they’ll know they are their dealing with a vendor or retailer that’s using the most reputable names in the merchant products and services business.

Credit Card to PayPal

For those that aren’t completely familiar with PayPal’s business solutions, we’ll remind you. See, small businesses used to have to outsource accounting and the like to HR outfits and other sorts of accounting houses. But if most of your transactions are PayPal web based credit card payments, then the bulk of your books already reside in a nice and neat format, accessible via your PayPal business account. The benefits to a PayPal business account are numerous. For one, as you perform credit card processing, each credit card payment, PayPal included, is already reconciled out on the PayPal server; that record is there on the web, for you to refer to. And with the USBSwiper Point-of-sale System, you will get all those same benefits from what used to be just web based credit cad transactions and now have them bundled together for the best of both worlds. No more worrying about whether your card reader’s batched properly, or if one of your employees interrupted the file transfer because he picked up the telephone line that the card machine shared with the phone. Nope, USBSwiper has it all handled for you… quickly and easily!

Plus, you get all of the functionality of still having access to all your transactions on the web. For one, your reports are updated immediately, as you process transactions. Run a report at the end of the day, and it’ll give you up to the second, current information. Your cash transactions, reconciled through your bookkeeper’s accounting program may not be as up to date, but at least your card payments are. You can also download logs, search through transactions, or do account research about a customer. You’ll really wish USBSwiper and PayPal had figured a way to handle your cash transactions as well.

And again, for those folks that are completely unfamiliar with the way PayPal works, your business’s money is sent directly to your bank account, as soon as you choose, and according to your in-house policies. You can set up a policy to withdraw PayPal funds as soon as USBSwiper’s racked up a certain amount in sales; or you can elect for PayPal to withdraw to your business bank account based on a calendar schedule. It’s all up to you; you’re the boss, you make the rules.

And then of course, there’s PayPal, and being able to use the funds as a PayPal payment with other retailers and merchants that accept PayPal; that’s one benefit that continues to grow and grow, as PayPal and USBSwiper continue to dominate more and more of the merchant products and services business.

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