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Mobile Credit Card Processing


In today’s economy, those businesses that thrive are the ones which are mobile and always prepared. Whether you are at a trade show, having dinner with a client or on a job site, having the ability to accept credit cards on the spot is an important advantage. Mobile credit card processing is now not only possible, it is essential. This is a simple and portable solution that allows any business to overcome their current geographic limitations and boundaries.

How It Works

Mobile credit card processing is a solution which allows a business to accept credit cards using their mobile smartphones or laptop computers. After signing up for such an account, you will receive a mobile card reader which simply attaches to your smart phone or internet connected tablet device or laptop computer. You will also have the ability to sync multiple card readers to a single account, enabling all of your team members or sales people to accept orders anywhere.

Most of these card readers and applications give you a number of different features and options for more powerful mobile credit card processing. You will be able to set up, configure and change options for taxes, tips, shipping and may even be able to split cash and credit transactions for a single order. Additionally, you are able to either immediately print out a receipt or send it to the customer’s email address.

Extra Features

What happens if you are out of cell phone service or internet range? If there is not an active cell or internet signal, some systems allow you to take all the transaction and card details are securely store them within the software application. Once you move back into range, the information can then be processed.

Your service will come with software that will give you the ability to export reports and or integrate your transaction information into accounting functions such as Intuit Quick Books or other popular accounting programs. This makes it much easier to track and control every aspect of your business.


At this time, probably the biggest factor to consider regarding mobile credit card processing is whether or not they are compatible with your preferred type of phone or laptop computer.  Obviously, you want to be sure and check the list before signing up with a service. For smartphone applications, each service should have a full list of which phones will support their particular card reader and phone applications.

Bottom Line

Mobile credit card processing is an excellent solution for any business interested in accepting payments without regard for their current geographical limitations. This is an affordable solution which enables any type of business to protect a more professional image.