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Process Credit Cards with a Laptop Computer


One of the most exciting recent advances in technology now allows business owners to process credit cards with a Laptop (PC and/or MAC) computer. No longer will your business be tied to a single location. This is excellent news for a large number of businesses. Those who regularly make sales at flea markets, conventions or even service based businesses that do in-home sales and presentations are prime candidates for using these new methods.

What Equipment is Needed?

One of the first questions a business owner may have is what type of equipment do they need in order to process credit cards with a laptop computer. The somewhat surprising answer is not much! If you already have a laptop with a wireless internet connection you are at least half way there.

There are quite a few vendors and service providers who are supporting, selling and promoting this technology. Therefore, your specific system and needs may differ somewhat. However, there are two common ways to allow your business the ability to process credit cards with laptop computers. The first is through the use of a web form. With this system, you will likely require what is known as a gateway along with actually setting up the form itself. This is very easy to configure and your solution provider can either do the installation or talk you through it.

The other solution is even simpler. This involves simply connecting a small mobile USB credit card reader to your computer. This equipment is ordinarily plug and play, so there is almost nothing which you need to do in the way of configuration. However, you may need to download or install a small piece of software.

There are also some more sophisticated systems that are still quite inexpensive that are actual point of sale invoicing systems.  One of the best known systems for this is the system which works with a variety of merchant processors.

In either of these cases you will need a merchant processing account to handle the actual verifying and processing of the credit card information and depositing of funds to your bank account.

Using This Technology

There really is no change in the way you will process credit cards with laptop technology. If you are using the card reader, you will simply swipe the card and key in the transaction amount and a few other details. Everything will be quickly and securely processed. Then, you may either print out a customer receipt or send it to their email. Quick, easy and simple!

If you are going to process credit cards with laptop technology through a web form, the system is slightly different. You will go to the page with your web form and then manually key in the transaction and card information. Then you hit the process button and everything will be handled securely and automatically. You will then be able to print out a customer receipt (one will automatically be sent to the customer’s email).

Bottom Line

The ability to process credit cards with laptop and other computers is an incredible option. If your business is a mobile retailer, this WILL increase your sales. No longer will you need to ask for cash up front,  take a check and wait for it to clear, or risk a sale by having to return to the office to process a card. With a simple laptop, wireless internet connection, merchant account, and a USB card reader, you are ready to process orders anywhere!

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