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Is There a Simple Way to Swipe and Process Credit Cards Using an e-Commerce Gateway?

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So you’ve got your e-commerce store all set up and are using as your gateway or even as your merchant account.  If you are a merchant who also sells your products at a brick and mortar store or out in the field at fairs or conventions, in order to take credit cards you have to either log into your website and process them by manually typing in all the data or you will be like many other merchants who invest in a second merchant account.

The first way is tedious as you have to enter all the customer information, credit card number, billing address, etc and when you have a customer waiting on their purchase or have a long line of customers, this method might just cost you a sale or two especially if you mistype a number and the transaction rejects.

The second way adds more expense to your bottom line as you have to pay for a second merchant account and the extra fees that go along with it.

If you are like many customers you might be asking yourself, isn’t there something that I can use directly with my e-commerce gateway account that will also give me simple point of sale functionality without the extra expense?  Is there a credit card reader I can use that will just plug into my computer and allow me to swipe the credit card and get all that information entered with just a swipe?

The answer is YES! With the USBSwiper System you can turn your e-commerce solution into a traditional credit card processing system using just your computer (Windows or MAC), a small USB credit card reader with the USBSwiper Software interface and other optional, inexpensive peripherals such as thermal receipt printers and bar code scanners to give you the functionality of a full point of sale merchant account solution without the added expense of a second merchant account.

As long as you have internet connection you can process credit card transactions in real time. Also, if you lose internet, you can still create invoices and process them later when you’re re-connected. Being software based, the system will also allow you to export data for reporting and tracking as well as many other popular money saving features.


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