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Can Square, PayPal Here, or Intuit Go-Payment Credit Card Readers work on a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Square is Not Compatible with Laptops or Desktops

With the arrival of mobile credit card processing devices invariably we see users wanting to know if the credit card readers for these mobile devices are also compatible with their computers.

Unfortunately with companies like Square, Intuit, PayPal or MobilePhoneSwiper, the mobile processing platforms and the credit card readers that go along with them are not interchangeable with a computer. The mobile readers typically plug into the audio jack of the mobile device and the software that decodes the audio signals from these readers has been written for mobile device platforms only and not for computers.

However, there are millions of businesses who already have laptop or desktop computers and even with the massive movement towards mobile convenience, would still like to process credit cards with their existing computer without having to incur the added expense of the mobile device or the more costly data plans that are required.

Not surprisingly many businesses who want to use mobile devices out in the field also want the flexibility to process credit cards on their computer terminals in their offices or stores as well. In addition to this, many businesses also have websites that utilize shopping cart features which also require merchant account credit card processing.

Unfortunately with just about every credit card processing merchant account available on the market you are limited to having to obtain a separate merchant account and device for your mobile processing, a separate account and device for your computer as well as a separate merchant account for your website. This results in extra costs by having to obtain two or even three different merchant accounts. These different accounts will all have different rate structures, added gateway fees and more not to mention the extra time it would take to reconcile the different merchant account statements.

There is one company however that offers the ability to process credit cards with a single merchant account for all three platforms so a business can tie in all their processing on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices, on computers both Windows and MAC and also on the shopping cart system for a website into one single merchant account with rates that are even more competitive than those of Square, Intuit Go-Payment and most other merchant account processors.

So while you may not be able to use the Square or Intuit card reader on your computer, you do have a company that gives you the flexibility you need to process credit cards on any device you want and give you better rates than anyone else to do it!