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The Marriage of USBSwiper and PayPal Here: Why It Makes All the Difference for Retailers and Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Retailers all know that point-of-sale systems cost a lot of money. Add in system maintenance, shop rental fees, and employee wages, and you’ve got a lot of financial burden to think about. For a small business or a simple start-up, a cut in fees anywhere is definitely a blessing. And this is where USBSwiper and PayPal Here come into the picture.

What is USBSwiper?

Basically, it’s a device that connects to your laptop or desktop computer through a USB connection that allows you to receive credit and debit card payments for all major credit cards using PayPal’s low flat rate programs. The device comes with a PayPal Software Interface to make the entire purchasing and checkout process a lot easier. The software allows the input of a buyer’s email address so their receipt is emailed to them and there is also an option for printing a professional looking physical copy of the receipt in case a buyer prefers it that way.

USBSwiper is compatible with desktop computers and laptops running on the Windows operating system. The device is also compatible with systems running on MAC (Apple) laptops and desktops.

Another benefit is that because the system operates on a computer using internet, the business does not have to invest or lease an expensive terminal or supply additional phone lines to transmit data across.

What is PayPal here?

PayPal Here, in its most basic form, is a mobile payment solution that also includes a free app and a thumb-sized card reader to be used on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Basically, it allows you to accept multiple forms of payment anytime and anyplace, be it through credit cards, debit cards, checks, invoicing, and PayPal payments all with low flat rates!

It’s a excellent tool to have for small businesses who participate in fairs and other events where sales are involved. Not having to buy a point-of-sale system really helps on costs for owners of small shops, and it frees up resources that can be used elsewhere like marketing. Not only that, not having to lug around a large point-of-sale system and set it up on site or having to plug into an internet connection or phone line is another burden that’s lifted with the help of PayPal Here.

Why use these two technologies?

Of course, if you’re a retailer, you’d want to know what are the benefits of uniting these two together rather than just getting one? Well, here are the benefits of using both of these technologies for your business:

It is convenient

Think about it this way: The USBSwiper is your physical shop’s best friend while PayPal Here is your pal on the road.

You wouldn’t want to transport your desktop computer along with you when you’re traveling to participate in an outdoor fair, right? You have to think about the cables, the monitor, the system unit, the printer, etc. You’d want to travel as light as possible given that you also have to transport your merchandise.

It doesn’t cost a lot

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a POS terminal or added phone line systems. Instead, with USBSwiper you can make use of your laptop or desktop. With PayPal Here, you can use a range of mobile devices.

It makes store management and accounting a whole lot easier

With USBSwiper, you have the option to download data into an Excel spreadsheet. This means that you can better analyze the performance of your store and see where you can make adjustments. PayPal Here on the other hand, has a Daily Summary report that provides an overview of store activity.

The best part of this when it comes to management is that because they are both tied to a single PayPal account, all transactions and accounting functions are visible and managed through one simple portal.

It helps with paper conservation

Receipts can be emailed to buyers, rather than printed (although there’s an option to do that as well).

So, if you want cost savings and convenience in running a business, there’s no question that you can count on USBSwiper and PayPal Here.


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