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Client Testimonials & Usage: USBSwiper and PayPal Here

How do you gauge the effectiveness of a product? Is it by trusting the advertisements? Is it by buying them trying to see if it works? Well, there’s nothing really wrong with the aforementioned strategies, but there is one thing that you as a customer could always turn to and that is TESTIMONIALS.

Testimonials from a client that has actually used a product and was happy with the results can assure new or skeptical buyers that a product is worth the investment. That being said, how do you know whether USBSwiper or PayPal Here are the right fit for your business? Well, it’s best to check out the testimonials.


• Laura Reagan of Never Ever Give Up (Jessie Rees Foundation)

The Jessie Rees Foundation is a childhood cancer “care” foundation inspired by Jessie Rees, a 12 year old girl who fought two brain tumors for ten months before succumbing to the disease. When she was fighting cancer, Jessie shared a message to others on her Facebook fan page to “Never Ever Give Up.” This inspired the foundation to make sure that every child fighting cancer has the resources and support to Never Ever Give Up.

NEGU bought USBSwiper and was delighted that it worked perfectly well for them. Reagan said “It was not easy finding a manual USB card swiper that would both work in a Mac AND integrate with Auctions for SalesForce…”
• Jonathan Kisiloski of Canadian Sports Imports Ltd

Jonathan said that they have been using USBSwiper for approximately two years, and that they are very happy with it. He also said “We attend various events and trade shows and it’s great to have an easy and portable system to use for transactions and inventory control.”

PayPal Here

• Amara Beverage Company

Amara is a natural, unprocessed, low-calorie, and electrolyte-rich sports drink that is developed from raw coffee berries and other high-impact ingredients. The company mainly sells this product to athletes, which means that owner Greg Connolly and his team needs to be really mobile and flexible.

This is the reason he purchased PayPal Here because “It’s extremely painful for an early stage business to turn away customers that want to buy your product because you can’t accept cards.” He even cites PayPal Here for boosting sales by 20%.

• TopShelf Boutique

Who would’ve thought that running a fashion boutique from a truck would work? Well, owner Christina Ruiz will tell you that it does. After losing her father to cancer, Ruiz decided to pursue her passion for fashion and turned it into a business.

Of course, with her business being very mobile which requires her to be in different locations, a convenient payment solution is a crucial factor. And this is where PayPal Here can help. You can click here ( to view a video about her story and business.

As you can see, both USBSwiper and PayPal Here make great investments not just for the forward-thinking entrepreneur, but all retailers who want convenience when it comes to payment solutions.


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