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Client Testimonials: How USBSwiper and PayPal Helped True Perforations

Contrary to what many might have thought, there ARE still businesses that restrict their sales to cash basis only. One such business is True Perforations. Throughout the course of their operations, however, they found that running in such a manner didn’t allow them to maximize the revenue opportunities up front. They were missing sales from people who wanted to pay via credit card. So what did they do?

True Perforations

True Perforations is a small business that caters to body modification services such as permanent cosmetics and body piercing. However, over time, they have ventured into the sale of accessories, such as jewelry, to their clients.

In the past, True Perforations was solely run on a cash basis. However, they found that this restriction had somehow also caused them to miss out on several sales. When you are serious about your business, every sale must matter. Plus, running a business in this manner has become rather obsolete especially in this day and age when the use of credit cards is continuously flourishing.

When True Perforations finally decided to introduce a new payment scheme, the next problem that bugged them was that they found how expensive banks were charging for the credit card processing services. Not to mention, setting up an account was a hassle more than anything. Big corporations might not have a problem with this but True Perforations, like many typical small businesses in this country, was not a big corporation.

Finding the PayPal Virtual Terminal

Countessa or Ms. Dee (as she is known), owner of True Perforations, then found the PayPal Virtual Terminal. She tried it for some time and found it to be very helpful especially for web and phone orders. However, with regards to personal transactions, it turned out quite inconvenient as she had to enter all of her customers’ information each time. Hence, she started looking out for another solution.

Finding the USBSwiper

Upon bumping into the USBSwiper solution online, Ms. Dee’s first impression was that it was far cheaper than all the other credit card processing systems she had researched. There weren’t any long-term binding contracts or high fees that came with the usage as well. But what sold her to the unit ultimately was the PayPal integration feature. This means she no longer had to keep typing client information over and over again per transaction. Also, the USBSwiper allowed her to store products and their respective prices in a drop down menu, making everything easy for invoicing later on.

As True Perforations is looking into expanding their reach, the business is also an avid participant of conventions and trade shows. And especially for such mobile applications, they use the USBSwiper system as this allowed them to take credit transactions even without an internet connection. The processing of transactions can follow once a connection is already available.

According to True Perforations, the USBSwiper is a credit card processing system that was well-worth their investment. To date, they are continuously recommending its use to their peers and fellow businesses. Not only is it convenient to set up and operate, it is also low-cost and portable – simply perfect for any business whether big or small.


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