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How the USBSwiper / PayPal System Helps HALO Branded Solutions

A lot of entrepreneurs and businesses opt for the complete USBSwiper system which is comprised mainly of the credit card reader and the PayPal Point of Sale Software because the set up is not only easy to use but is also cost-effective and very portable. And now with the addition of the PayPal Here system for smartphones and tablets, credit card processing ease of use and portability has entered a whole new realm. However, one company has discovered upon their use of the system that it actually does more than it claims!

Here is the story of how HALO Branded Solutions found the perfect system for their business and why they considered it.

HALO Branded Solutions

HALO Branded Solutions is a company that runs on selling various promotional products to businesses – big or small. Although they are already one of the larger companies within their industry, HALO Branded Solutions still aims to further expand. Thus, they do not only conduct their business in-house but also see through participating in trade shows happening across cities and states. And to better sell their products to the best and biggest clients, they needed a platform which they can use to process incoming business transactions.

One such platform is the payment system. HALO Branded Solutions needed something that offers far more than just a reasonable price. Efficiency of usage and portability are two qualities on top of their list. Another is the capacity of the device to sit on possibly flimsy surfaces as folding tables, which are what are commonly used in outdoor events.

The USBSwiper happened to be everything they were looking for, AND MORE. Aside from the favorable build, the device took on a functionality that provided them more than just credit information. With the USBSwiper, they found it easier to analyze the products they were promoting and selling at events. Accounting for inventory details, invoices, reports and creating records they can internally present to their clients were also made so much more convenient by the USBSwiper system.

According to HALO Brand Solutions, the USBSwiper is the perfect payment system for their business. The platform has such a great balance that they get all the information they need while enjoying its ease of use. Plus, they found the capacity of the device to export custom reports most helpful to their company as it is a process necessary in analysis, reconciliation and presentation of reports. With great tech support and customer service, HALO Branded Solutions was definitely sold to the system.

In just the first several months of use, the company HALO Brand Solutions had processed almost 10,000 transactions using the complete USBSwiper System: the credit card reader, PayPal Point of Sale Software, printers and bar-code scanners. They have been to various events in LA, Birmingham, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Boston and Denver, among others, and have since never been let down by the system.

Just One of the Many

HALO Branded Solutions is just one of the many companies that discovered the even better side of the complete USBSwiper system. For more testimonials, make sure to regularly visit and update with our blog!


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