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How the USBSwiper / PayPal Here Credit Card Processing System Saves Retailers

If you haven’t yet heard of the USBSwiper, then you are totally missing out on something that might just get your sales boosted up. We all know how much of a waste it can be to turn down customers who wish to pay via credit card only because you don’t have a portable credit card reader with you at a certain time. Well, you are definitely not the only one with this dilemma.

While sales at flea markets, trade shows, conventions and seminars previously were cash-based sales, more and more credit cards have become more prevalent. When a customer finds something they just feel like they really need they typically expect these days to be able to pay for it with a credit card especially if they don’t have enough cash to pay for it. Some entrepreneurs might think missing out even on just a couple of sales is not really a big deal but if you are real serious about your business, every sale should matter.

So how do you completely avoid missing out such sale opportunities? You procure a credit card reader system that’s easy, efficient, low cost and convenient to set up! A system that can work on both Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets

The USBSwiper

The USBSwiper is a complete credit card processing system that will solve your, as well as many other entrepreneurs’, problem. Originally, it was designed for small businesses looking out for inexpensive ways of taking and processing credit card payments whether at fixed locations or for mobile applications. Aside from it being really simple to set up, it’s also very efficient in that it can be combined with a prominent merchant account such as PayPal and more. It’s a growing leader in credit card processing solutions and has even been awarded numerous times for its innovative software application.

Why You Need the USBSwiper

There are many stores and businesses out there that solely rely on merchant accounts that offer a web based solution called a virtual terminal. It might seem easy when you think about it at first but when you get on with the process at the storefront, processing with the Virtual Terminal alone can make the checkout longer than it should. It’s nothing major if you only have a customer or two lining up, but what about during busy times?

The USBSwiper Card Reader comes with software that incredibly simplifies checking out. Using the tool, you only need to use the scanner or add the transaction details, swipe the customer’s credit card, print the receipt, have the customer sign and that’s basically it! What’s more is that it can be integrated with your computer whether you have a Mac or a PC. It accepts both Visa and MasterCard, thus giving you edge over other vendors at trade shows or flea markets as well.

The PayPal Here product works incredibly well on smartphones and tablets and allows a very portable system to take credit cards on the go. Customers sign the screen so that beautifully formatted receipts can be emailed to the customers.

Another great thing about the USBSwiper is the customer service. Whatever question you may have about the device or program, a customer service team will always be ready with the answers.

All in all, the USBSwiper is simply a highly recommended credit card processing system that is guaranteed to be well worth every dollar you will invest.


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