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Learn the Truth about Merchant Rates when Processing Credit Cards

USBSwiper Means No More Tears From Tiered Rates

When it comes to base credit-card processing fees, old adages like “look before you leap” and “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) come to mind. That’s because things aren’t quite as straightforward as you may think when a seemingly super-low base percentage rate is being dangled before your eyes. An irresistibly attractive base rate of, say, 1.8% can suddenly become 3.5% – 4% if certain conditions aren’t met. And bingo! There goes another chunk of your bottom line.

The reason? Tiered rate structures that Merchant Credit Card Processors use apply increasingly higher percentage fees to mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions. And if you don’t look before you leap and buy with a wary eye you’ll find yourself in a situation like the one another old adage warns about: “marry in haste, repent in leisure.”

Or you can protect yourself up front from the tyranny of tiered rates, and keep more profit in your pocket, with the USBSwiper card payment processing system featuring PayPal as your credit merchant.

But to understand that, you need to understand how tiered rates work.