PayPal Video Interview with's Lead Developer
2008 accepts the 2008 Star Developer Award.

eBay Live Best in Show
2008 calls USBSwiper the Best in Show at eBay Live 2008!

Credit Card Swiper Could Move PayPal Closer to POS Payments
July 18, 2008
Digital Transactions interviewed Andrew Angell during eBay Live and discussed the future of USBSwiper and PayPal.

Trance Productions Write-Up
July 14, 2008
Trance Productions, Inc. wrote an article about USBSwiper and bringing PayPal closer to the world of Point-of-Sale payments.

Credit Card Processing for MAC with and PayPal
May 13, 2010
So many MAC OS users are constantly asking... "is there a low cost processing "swipe" system for my MAC computer? The answer up until now has been a resounding NO! Until now!

Process Credit Cards With PayPal using Award Winning Point of Sale Software!
May 07, 2010
Millions of small and medium businesses have been looking for a way to take credit cards "Point of Sale" using their existing or new PayPal accounts. Then benefits and better rates over traditional Merchant Credit Card Processors is Staggering!!

Accept Credit Cards at Art Fairs, Craft Fairs, Trade Shows and Seminars Easily With!
Apr 29, 2010
Whether you are a small business doing local Art fairs or you have a large business doing trade shows and conventions, makes accepting and processing your credit card transactions simply and easily and for the least cost!

WOW Mobile Distributors Find Significant Savings in "Swipers"
Apr 21, 2010
WOW Mobile Distributors Sign up new Representatives using Credit Card Processing. has been able to furnish credit card processing "swipers" at significant Savings over what distributors have had to pay previously.

PayPal Awards Credit Card Processing System Most Innovative Application Award!!!
Nov 16, 2009, the unique cost effective credit card processing system, was awarded PayPal's prestigeous "Most Innovative Application Award" for 2009

PayPal and - The BEST Credit Card Processing System For YOUR Business!
Oct 21, 2009
When you combine the Multitude of Benefits that PayPal gives when it comes to Merchant Credit Card Processing along with the Credit Card Swiping Interface Software, you end up with a system for processing credit cards that can't be beat

Merchant Account - is Your BEST Choice!
Sep 08, 2009 When it comes to finding the right Merchant Account for your business, don't get fooled by low teaser rate offers. Learn the truth about what Merchant Credit Card Companies Don't want you to know and why is your best choice!

Merchants Flock to Buy's Inexpensive 3.5" USB Credit Card Swiper / Credit Card Reader
Sep 06, 2009
When it comes to inexpensive Credit Card Processing whether at Fixed Locations or wireless processing out in the field, merchants just cant beat's inexpensive software solutioion for PayPal and their small 3.5" Credit Card Swiper/Reader