USBSwiper LOW FLAT or Variable Rate Merchant Account Programs - Rates Start as LOW as 0.55%!

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USBSwiper LOW FLAT or Variable Rate Merchant Account Programs - Rates Start as LOW as 0.55%!

FREE Equipment! - See all terms below


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Rates Starting as Low as 0.55%!!!

FREE EMV Chip Card Reader or Computer Magnetic Chip Card Reader with Variable Rate Program.

Process Credit / Debit Cards on FREE Chip Card Terminal or Your Computer!

For U.S. Businesses Only

See Full Description Below For Full Details and to APPLY or Call our office more more details (224) - 677-0283 x 2




3 Low Flat Rate Programs

2 Low Variable Rate Merchant Account Programs with FREE equipment and no long term contracts.

For U.S. Businesses Only

Variable Rates Start as LOW as 0.55%!

Flat Rates Start as LOW as 2.20%!

Here are some incredible benefits and features with these programs:

-    3 Different FLAT Rate Programs Starting at 2.20%! (call our office for more details on these programs - (224) 677-0283 x 2

·    2 Different Variable Rate Programs to choose from with rates starting as low as 0.55%!  (see below)
·    Simple online streamlined application
·    Use with FREE EMV Chip Card Terminal or Computers (laptop or desktop with FREE Magnetic Strip Credit Card Reader) or Tablets (cannot use Magnetic Card Reader with Tablets unless the Tablet is a Microsoft Surface Tablet with Full Windows Operating System) – Only 1 Free terminal or Card Reader per account. Additional terminals or readers can be purchased at additional cost.
·    Only credit card number, expiration date and transaction amount are required
·    Perform FULL Dollar Amount authorizations of transactions (if needed) - also enter tip amounts – perfect for restaurants (tip feature on terminal equipment only)
·    Allow use of multiple terminals all on one single account
·    AVS Only - allows you to check the validity of a card before submitting transaction
·    Month to Month - No long term contracts
·    Automatic batch closing at time of your choosing
·    Transactions available for viewing in online portal
·    24 - 48 hour direct deposit to your checking account

Additional Benefits when processing online with a Computer or Tablet:

·    You can assign separate user ID#’s to identify transactions by sales rep
·    For Processing online with the Computer or Tablet as the Terminal, the program has “BRIC Storage” – BRIC Storage allows you to turn any card number into a BRIC # without charging the customer’s card. You can later use that “BRIC” to process a new sale or refund. Great for repeat customers!  (BRIC Storage Passes PCI Compliance Guidelines)

·    Customizable receipts
·    Your customer data base is completely encrypted
·    Enter your own invoice # (if needed)
·    You have up to 10 customizable User Data Fields available so you can submit additional information with each transaction


Programs Terms / Rates:


1) Tiered Rate Program:

0.55% Debit Cards*
1.70% Standard Swiped Credit Cards
2.59% Mid-Level Credit Cards (some reward cards, some swiped and some manually entered cards)
2.99% Non-Qualified Credit Cards (all other high reward cards and business cards. (both swiped and manually entered)
Plus 13 to 33 cents per transaction (depending on type of card and type of transaction – ie: credit vs debit)

*Lowest rate for debit card transactions is received when processing is done on the FREE Chip Card Reader Terminal that is PIN entry compatible. When debit cards are processed on computers or tablets, debit cards will be processed at the lowest credit card rate.



2) Interchange Plus Program:

Wholesale rate for each card plus 40 basis points. (see explanation below)
Plus 13 to 33 cents per transaction (depending on type of card and type of transaction – ie: credit vs debit)

The tiered rate program shown above assigns 1 single rate to the Groups Defined Above. However, there are many types of "Standard" or "Mid" or "Non-Qualified" Cards that have lower or higher rates within the group. The Tiered program smooths those many cards and rates into 1 single rate for the group.

The interchange program uses the exact rate that Credit Card Companies have assigned to the specific card and then adds a "Margin" of 40 basis points to arrive at the processing rate.

For instance, let’s say you take a "STANDARD" credit card that Visa has assigned a rate of 0.90%. When you add the 40 basis points to the rate, you would end up at 1.30%. However, there may also be "STANDARD" cards that have a higher rate such as 1.30% and when you add the 40 basis points to that rate, you end up at 1.70% as the final rate for that card. Depending on all the different cards you take during a given month, you will be charged these different rates within each category. Some months may end up lower than the tiered rate for that group and some months may end up being higher.

• Many merchants experience much better rates overall when choosing the Interchange Plus option but there is no guarantee as we have no way to know which cards will be handed to the merchant on a day to day basis.
• The same variations and calculations also occur within the "MID" and "NON-QUALIFIED" card groups.

*Lowest rate for debit card transactions is received when processing is done on the FREE Chip Card Reader Terminal that is PIN entry compatible. When debit cards are processed on computers or tablets, debit cards will be processed at the lowest credit card rate.



Standard Fees that apply to both programs:

The account needs to generate at least $25 in processing fees.

For instance, if you processed $1,500 in transactions during a given month and the average processing rate for all transactions averaged out to 2.00%, you would have generated $30 in processing fees which met the minimum. If you only processed $1,000 in transactions during a given month, you would have generated $20.00 in processing fees so you would be charged $5.00 to make up for the shortfall for that month.

·    $10.00 Monthly Account / Gateway Fee.
·    $1.00 Statement Mailing Fee (waived if you choose online statements)
·    One Time Account Setup Fee of $50.00
·    Standard Interchange pass-throughs


As soon as you're approved we will contact you to get the equipment ordered and shipped.




If you have any questions regarding these programs, please call our sales department at:
224-677-0283 x 2

Programs, rates and fees are as of August 1, 2016 and are subject to change. Program, rates and fees are locked in after application is submitted and approved. If you are currently in a contract with a merchant account provider, please disregard this offer until you have completed your contractual obligation with your current provider. Depending on which equipment you choose there may also be a Debit Card Gateway Fee of $5.00 per month and/or an Internet Gateway Fee of $5.00 per month. Annual Debit Network and PCI Compliance fees may apply. Underwriting departments reserve the sole right to approve or deny account that does not meet its guidelines. EMV Chip Card Terminal requires hard wired internet connection. Upon termination of the account, the FREE equipment must be returned in re-saleable like new condition.

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Hi Drew, Just wanted you to know that we LOVED your software and CC swiper, it worked very well at the NW WA Fair in Aug. I am going to use that same set up in my retail store inside the haunted house building up there in Oct. I am considering buying one of those little Acer laptops with an internal aircard, then taking you up on the extra license to use your software to process CC tickets at our walk-up booth at the entrance to the haunted house. We used our wireless Sprint Router at the fair to run this first system on and we couldn't have been happier with it. (the wifi system the fairgrounds offered for $39.99 for the week of the fair, went down the 3rd day and they never got it going right, so only booths like us that were using their own aircards could take credit cards, I gave your name and info out to several vendors up there, and told them to go get an aircard thru their cell phone company and buy your system!!!).

Hi Richard... We just got our first USBSwiper credit card reader in the mail today and set it up.... it works perfectly!! It was not easy finding a manual usb card swiper that would both work on a Mac AND integrate with Auctions for SalesForce... but your USBSwiper credit card reader does the trick!! We are so happy with it we just ordered 6 more! We are super excited to use them all at our upcoming Gala and Golf Tournament so that the check in/check out process for our donors will be easy and speedy. Thank you!!

Schelle Waldrop - Cornerstone Uniforms

I started using Paypal to process credit cards as a temporary fix but loved it so much that 3 years later I'm still with them. The only downside was, as a storefront, using the Virtual Terminal made checkout longer than necessary. I found USBSwiper as a means to make credit card processing smoother and faster. The USBSwiper software is very easy to set up and use and has made my customer wait time at checkout much more simplistic. Add transaction details or use the scanner, Swipe the credit card, process, print receipts, customer signs and they're on their way... it's that easy! Customer service with USBSwiper has always been great. The entire program is well worth it!