About Us

USBSwiper was born in the PayPal developer forums. Andrew Angell, owner of Angell EYE, LLC, spends quite a bit of time in the forums answering questions for other developers regarding PayPal's integration tools. The question was asked, is there a way to swipe credit cards rather than typing the numbers into the Virtual Terminal that PayPal provides? At first, the answer was no...bring on USBSwiper!

Over the years USBSwiper has grown into a full service Point of Sale Credit Card Processing Service.  We have expanded or product line from a single laptop swiper solution for PayPal back in 2007 to a full line of credit card processing equipment such as thermal receipt printers, bar code scanners and more merchant account providers.  With the addition of merchant account providers who tie in credit card processing through smartphone devices such as iPhones, iPads and Androids, USBSwiper and MobileSwiper now offer the most comprehensive and competitive line of products found anywhere.

What We Offer

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Simply put, we help merchants meet and exceed their business objectives. We have a complete line of products and services tailored to the bankcard processing needs of virtually any business. We structure programs to help you maximize your profits, and to ease the pressures normally associated with "watching your bottom line."

We now offer merchant account options including Tiered, variable and flat-rate pricing. In keeping up with technology USBSwiper has introduced a full line of credit card processing products from credit card readers for laptop and desktop computers to new and exciting solutions for mobile credit card processing on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android mobile devices.

Easy to Get Started

Because we maintain liberal approval guidelines, we can offer payment processing solutions for virtually any business type, including: eCommerce, wholesale, restaurant, retail and professional establishments.

In addition, we give our customers peace-of-mind knowing that all merchant accounts are reviewed for potential risk situations. This includes transaction reviews for credit card fraud, plus assistance with retrievals and chargebacks.

Why Should you Consider USBSwiper.com or MobileSwiper.com over other companies such as Square?

When is comes to your credit card processing needs we know you have many choices of companies to go with.

There are also many ways in which rates are displayed; equipment is priced, and more often than not some very confusing terminology.

After all… who (other than credit card processing companies themselves) really know and understand the difference between qualified transactions versus non qualified transactions, or how the Durbin amendment changed the way rates are charged on debit cards etc?

Some companies offer Flat Rates, other companies offer Tiered Rates and some companies offer Variable rate plans.  But which one is really best for your company?

Many times there are hidden fees or costs that are not even disclosed until after you sign up!

This is what makes the team at USBSwiper.com and MobileSwiper.com different.  From the very beginning back in 2007, we wanted to create a credit card processing company that gave you more options, less rhetoric and up front pricing information.  We didn’t want to be the company that just was out to make as many sales as we could.  We wanted to provide you with real value and a service unlike any other available on the market.  We wanted to build a service that not only says we pride ourselves on customer service but also deliver on it.

There may be some bargain basement services out there with great rates, but where is their service when you the customer are out selling to your clients?  How can you expect to conduct business when all you have is an email address when you have a problem? Companies such as Square make you send an email when you have a problem… but will your customer wait 2 or 3 days until you get the answer?  We think not!  That’s why many of our programs have 24x7 live customer service.  How much is that one item worth to you?  You won’t really know until you need it. But just ask anyone who uses those other guys how hard it is to conduct business when you need an answer NOW and can’t get it. You will find our type of customer service to be simply Priceless!

USBSwiper.com and MobileSwiper.com offer you some of the best rates and programs available anywhere. We don’t just force you into one hole and try and make you fit, we give you a choice of any of the types of programs available today.  So if a Tiered merchant account plan is better for your business, we offer that.  Perhaps the Flat Rate option makes more sense for your business… we offer that too!  No matter which plan is best for your business, we have the relationships with the best merchant account providers with the best plans available… PERIOD!

You may ask… do you pay a higher rate by going through USBSwiper or MobileSwiper?  The answer is NO!  We do not mark up the transaction rates or the transaction fees you pay by even one cent! 

We may not be as big as some of the other guys, but we know what it takes to make your business the most profitable it can be by offering you the most competitive programs and the best customer service available in the industry.

Also, you won’t find another company that integrates its merchant account programs with the ability to use them on so many different devices.  Whether you want to use your merchant account on a smartphone, a laptop or desktop computer or on your website, we have the options that satisfy those needs all without you having to have multiple merchant accounts!

So when you think about which company to go with for your credit card processing, look hard at our programs.  We think you will be surprised how good they look.  Better yet, give us a call so we can discuss your needs in full.  Let us go through comparisons of the programs and give you the information you need to make a more intelligent decision on which plan is best for you… not which plan is best for us.

Give one of our knowledgeable representatives a call at (224) 677-0283 and let us help you save more money and time with the best merchant account program for your business.  Call now!  (224) 677-0283.

Or to get started, check out our different merchant account programs here and click on the view plans button for the program you are interested in and then just get started! Its that simple!