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USBSwiper 3.2 Released

Security Updates
All API credentials and credit card swipe data is now masked and encrypted within the software. You will no longer be able to see this information anywhere on screen.

Invoicing Updates
Previously, the only way you could add items to your invoices was to click on the ID column of the list within the invoice and select products from the drop down list provided. This worked well if you’re only dealing with a couple of items but was horrible for handling any real type of inventory at all.

You can still add items using the ID drop down menu, however, there is now a feature to search for an item by Item ID, Name, or Price. You simply click an Add Item button on the returned item to add it to your current invoice. This allows you to add items much more quickly and without the hassle of the drop down.

Error Reporting
Previously when an error was returned trying to charge a credit card you had to click into the log in order to find the error information. Now, anytime an error is returned it will be displayed immediately in a pop-up dialog so you know right away what went wrong without any confusion or extra clicks involved.

Receipt Printing Updates
There are now layouts to handle the following receipt printer sizes: 2.25″, 3″, 4″ and full 8.5″ x 11″.  Also, the receipt layouts now dynamically adjust according to the number of items on them so you’re not wasting any of your receipt paper roll!

The items on the invoice and receipts have been adjusted to sort first by price (high to low) and then by name (alphabetically).

Automated Features Updates
We have added options in your Setup panel which allow you to activate the automation of various tasks within USBSwiper. The following features are available…

  • Automatically include sales tax / handling fees on all new invoices.
  • Automatically process the credit card upon swiping so you don’t have to click the process button!
  • Automatically print receipts upon a successful transaction.