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PayPal Credit Card Solutions Through a Small Card Swiping Device

PayPal Card Processing

PayPal has succeeded in markets where other companies haven’t by simplifying their customer’s workflow. That’s what it’s done for transactions over the web. For those that aren’t familiar with what PayPal is at its core, it’s a way of sending money over the web, with your email address being the key identifier of the sender and the recipient of the funds. Effectively, what you experience is that somebody “emails you money.” Of course, it doesn’t technically happen that way, but that’s how it plays out with the user.

It’s this simplicity in experience and approach that PayPal has applied to several traditional business areas and has had great success. What many people don’t know is that PayPal has also been providing point of sale credit card merchant services for years through their Virtual Terminal setup and more recently VT Swipe. The red tape’s all but eliminated with PayPal, as they don’t impose the sort of setup fees, minimum transaction volume fees, or cancellation charges that you get with conventional merchant service providers. Everything is out in the open about PayPal credit card processing. When it comes to PayPal, there are no complicated variable scales or if-then situations about additional auxiliary fees and charges.

And then came along USBSwiper who’s fresh approach to the PayPal point of sale processing system made taking credit cards, faster, cheaper and better.


Advantages of USB Credit Card Swipers and Readers

There are countless risks in running your own business, accepting credit cards, and the expense of battling those risks could be as high as the costs that could come with every erroneous transaction. Dealing with otherwise high undisclosed and avoidable transaction fees and ballooning overhead charges are never the recipe for sound business. Apart from the capital requirements of a business, the anticipation of losses could deter you from even thinking of starting one.

It was never easy, but that was way back then. Now, doing business and accepting low costs credit card transactions, doesn’t take but a few steps. It only takes one. And you can do everything by yourself with the proper tool at your fingertips. Thanks to the genius behind the USB Credit Card Swiper and Credit Card Reader, this innovative and much-anticipated one-stop solution to your business problems is now out in the market.


USBSwiper: The Completely Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution

The Advantage of Wireless Credit Card Terminals

When taking your business on the road there is no denying the advantages of being able to accept payment through credit cards no matter where you are. 83 percent of all customers prefer to pay with credit cards. Paying with credit cards is simply more convenient than paying with cash especially on large ticket items and the fact is very few people carry around their check book anymore. Mobile Point-of-Sale solutions, however, can be frustrating to set-up, and when you want to add the capability of processing credit card payments, things can quickly become tricky.

If you’ve ever had experience conducting a road-show, seminar, convention, or trade or art fair, you’re probably already aware of how inconvenient it can be to be forced to type the credit card information in manually – something many customers are reluctant to do for fear of credit card fraud. In these situations credit card terminals are very helpful because they can assist in avoiding typing errors by manually keying in information, ensure that the transaction is secure, and speed up the payment process allowing you to go to the next customer (reducing those long seminar lines). Being able to process credit card payments quickly means that you have access to more revenue sources, accept more customers, and basically earn more at the end of the day.