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Advantages of USB Credit Card Swipers and Readers

There are countless risks in running your own business, accepting credit cards, and the expense of battling those risks could be as high as the costs that could come with every erroneous transaction. Dealing with otherwise high undisclosed and avoidable transaction fees and ballooning overhead charges are never the recipe for sound business. Apart from the capital requirements of a business, the anticipation of losses could deter you from even thinking of starting one.

It was never easy, but that was way back then. Now, doing business and accepting low costs credit card transactions, doesn’t take but a few steps. It only takes one. And you can do everything by yourself with the proper tool at your fingertips. Thanks to the genius behind the USB Credit Card Swiper and Credit Card Reader, this innovative and much-anticipated one-stop solution to your business problems is now out in the market.

Top Credit Card Swipe Machine

The USBSwiper is currently the leading product when it comes to portable credit card swipers and readers. It is preferred by most entrepreneurs because of its portability, functionality and affordability. Best of all, USBSwiper has interfaced with the popular PayPal system, the most trusted organization in e-commerce worldwide. And because it’s the only credit card swiping solution hooked up with PayPal, you are guaranteed the best online security for every credit card transaction performed. Did you know that USBSwiper and PayPal are currently among the top three credit card processing solutions in Ireland?

How exactly can this help you as a businessman? The USBSwiper efficiently handles your point of sale credit card swipe transactions as well as non-card present transactions such as phone orders. It saves you from making unnecessary phone calls, typing errors and costly refunds. Just swipe the credit card onto the portable credit card processing device and the deal is sealed. You do not need to key in those numbers individually which saves you time. Each transaction is done effortlessly with a near-perfect accuracy and efficiency.

Portable USB Credit Card Reader

Now, imagine taking your business with you wherever you go. All you need is a laptop computer and wireless internet connection and everything will fall into place. It’s that easy. For hands-on businessmen, this is as close as you can get. Many types of businesses can benefit from this credit card processing solution. From businesses like those engaged in cab services to flea market vendors, The USBSwiper is an indispensable tool. Gatherings like conventions and seminars are also a good place to start benefiting from the USBSwiper. It could result in more people converting into sales, simply because everyone can get easy access to it. These days, it is common for people to pay with credit cards, which is why with any business that you can think of it is wise to equip yourself with the USBSwiper.

The portable design of the USBSwiper magnetic strip credit card reader allows you to honor purchases at the point of sale, no need for follow-ups because it is complemented by an efficient software that is extremely user-friendly. Just input the data which pertains to your merchandise and you are all set. You can even use a bar code scanner to input the product information. The software used is compatible with both Windows and the Mac operating systems. Moreover, the data encryption is password protected and securely processed over 128-bit encrypted servers.

Instant Credit Swipe Capabilities

What’s more, the verification procedure is done just seconds after the transaction. Through PayPal’s Payment Pro, you avoid tons of paperwork and receipts to process a simple transaction. Everything is done for you through PayPal’s secure network. You instantly get feedbacks on whether the transaction was successful or not. This helps you a lot in quickly analyzing the course of the transaction. You do not fall prey to credit card scams and end up paying for your own transactions and paying more than what you have actually earned.

Support For Your Credit Card Reader USB Attached And All

PayPal’s Resolution Center also extends technical support on how to handle and address potential litigation cases as a result of customer dissatisfaction. The problem is immediately dealt with before it blows out of proportion. An outlined procedure will walk you through the process of damage control. First, it will help you analyze the details of the problem. Then open communication’s with the customer is encouraged to allow for a guided decision on how to solve your dispute. The next step is finding ways to prevent the case from ending up in a claim or chargeback. Businessmen are also encouraged to settle refunds when necessary. Though the incident has happened, it will not discourage your customers from tapping your services in the future.

Refunds are unavoidable, but you don’t have to suffer the loss when this happens. USBSwiper has a reimbursement process that gives you back the original transaction fees you paid for and at the same time keep a satisfied customer. They help you find the win-win solution to everything.

But we have not yet reached the best part. You get all these features for a fraction of a cost of conventional credit card swipers because USBSwiper saves you more. Unlike other merchant credit card readers, USBSwiper does not have hidden charges and fees. Basically, what you see is what you get. Their hardware device retails for only $49.97, which easily reads and forwards the data off the credit card’s magnetic stripe.

When overhead expenses outweigh the profits, your business won’t last for very long. And long after you close shop, you may still continue paying for the losses. Not so with USBSwiper because unlike other merchant credit card readers, they do not charge for wireless usage, roaming charges, and network sharing, those are separate entities.

Cost Savings Associated With A USB Card Swipe Reader

Another concern that USBSwiper has addressed for you is the offering of a standard flat rate of 2.2% up to 2.9% based on your volume of transactions. Yes, others may tease you with what looks like a lower rate but the real costs are concealed behind the curtains. At the end of the month, you are presented with a bill that shows a list of fees that will have a negative impact on your perceived profitability.

The USBSwiper / PayPal Solution also makes it possible for you accept most major credit cards: corporate cards, international Cards, Discover Cards, the list goes on. The rate still remains the same. And finally, there will be no more regrets over an incomplete transaction because you turned away a prospective client. Your profitability is maximized because you can cater to every customer.

And you will realize this once you see that the system used by USBSwiper automatically credits every sale to your PayPal account. You can virtually see your funds grow with every transaction. You are also offered the option of making your money work for you through an interest-earning account from PayPal’s Money Market.

The system application is also a breeze. You will not see papers pushed under your nose for you to fill out. No complications, no fuss because USBSwiper wants to make things simpler for businessmen. Time is precious and each minute wasted on filling out forms translates to a bigger loss on your capital investments. The USBSwiper online application can be processed for up to a maximum of 2 days but generally approved applications are notified the next day.

USBSwiper understands that every business is a risk in itself, and you can’t be guaranteed to rake in profits every day. That is the reason why they give merchants the benefit of operating their own businesses at their own pace. The system provides its client with the option to deactivate the PayPal Gateway and get back to it when the time is right. That alone will save a business a monthly fee that other credit card processing companies would just keep on charging due to their required locked in contract. USBSwiper provides a small business man with a tight budget lots of flexibility.

This way, you do not have to worry about those monthly bills when you have no resources. It all works for you and at your convenience, especially if you take some time off for a vacation. After you have taken that much-need retreat, you can pick up from where you left off. It’s as if you never left at all. There is continuity of service and definitely, no need to submit another application. Once you are in, you’re in.

Seasonal businesses or those that depend on a changing market and environmental conditions to stay on operations can very well take advantage this credit card processing system. It also allows merchants more flexibility and leeway when it comes to deciding on the next direction of your business.

Does Your Swipe Card Machine Offer Flexibility?

It is as flexible as it can get because you are not bound by contracts. There are no contracts or lock-in periods, hence, no expensive cancellations fees to think about. It’s that simple. Other credit card processing solutions will tie you down for at least a couple of years but not USBSwiper. You are entitled to handle the reigns of your business whenever and however you want to.

Whether you are selling cookies, home-made hats and bags or providing service, you can operate with the same professionalism as those big commercial companies because you are backed by the tandem of the best USB Credit Card Swiper, Reader and software, and the most secured online e-business institution… PayPal.

Go and set up shop just about anywhere with Internet access, in a local flea market or in your own garage. The only thing that will limit you is your imagination. Because the USBSwiper is here, it is the best and only tool that can help you jumpstart that business and achieve your dreams. Take your “mobile transaction” to the next level with

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