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Top 3 Reasons Why USBSwiper and PayPal Here Are Cost-Effective Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you run a large bookstore or a small cafe, saving money on expenses is always on the top of your priorities as a business owner. Just think about it: all the finances that can be spared can be used for other things to further grow your venture. You can use the money for marketing or add it to the cash flow. You can even use some savings to make enhancements to your physical shop. Better yet, you can hire a web designing company to create an online platform or improve your existing one.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be done with just a little extra resources. Therefore, you as a business owner can take advantage of what the USBSwiper and PayPal Here credit card processing systems have to offer when it comes to saving money on payment processing for the improvement of your enterprise.

Why? Below are top 3 reasons why both of these tools help you run your business cost-effectively.

1. They are affordable alternatives when it comes to payment solutions

The first thing that will cross your mind about accepting credit card payments is buying a point-of-sale (POS) system. However, a really good one will set you back a lot of money. Not only that, you will also have to pay for maintenance, repair, replacement of terminals and other related costs. Thankfully, modern technology has provided with answers to your dilemma about acquiring a POS system, and it comes in the form of USBSwiper and PayPal Here.

If you have a PayPal merchant account, both the USBSwiper and PayPal Here come in handy as they don’t need a lot of fuss for this type of account to be set up. The former just needs to be connected to a USB port on a desktop computer or laptop while the latter connects to an iOS or Android device.

This means that even your trusty desktop computer, laptop, or iPad can perform the functions of a cash register.

2. They have inventory management capabilities

Every business that deals with the sale of goods needs a good Point of Sale system to easily create invoices and to keep track of every single item that is sold. If you needed to manually input everything in the past, all of that is eliminated with the USBSwiper and PayPal Here. All you need to do is input all of your items into the software that comes with both devices and you’ve got your database of goods all set up.

Not only that, with the USBSwiper, you have the option to transfer all your inventory data into an Excel spreadsheet. This is really useful if you want an in-depth study of what works for your business. You can study the data to see what items a lot of customers buy from your store then you can stock up on them so you don’t run out.

3. They allow you to save paper

If you don’t want to waste paper then getting a USBSwiper of PayPal Here is definitely a good option. Why is that the case? Well, you have the option to directly send a receipt to the email of a buyer rather than have one printed out. However, in the case that they do ask for a receipt, both have the option of printing a physical receipt.

With all the cost benefits provided by USBSwiper and PayPal Here, you can use the resources saved for other purposes that will help grow your business.


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