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What Ten Toes Love About the USBSwiper-PayPal POS

What Ten Toes Love About the USBSwiper-PayPal POS

As the USBSwiper is a mobile credit card processing brand that’s on the rise in the field of business, many companies, businesses and entrepreneurs have started to grow into its use. Superb functionality, portability and affordability are just some of the common feedback you will hear about the system. These are major aspects to consider alright, but there is one particular factor that completely sold Ten Toes to the groundbreaking credit card swiper-software combination. Curious?

About Ten Toes

Ten Toes is a company that’s centered on childbirth education and support systems that new mothers typically need. It was started by 2 working professional mothers who aimed to start up a modernized interpretation of learning everything about childbirth. Ten Toes basically provides comprehensive classes on prenatal and postpartum periods, informing new moms, dads and their extended families about the different styles of childbirth, thus helping them make more informed decisions on a variety of options.

How the USBSwiper System Helped Ten Toes

Ten Toes found the USBSwiper system a breeze to work with. It’s easy to set up and especially convenient to use. Now, there’s no longer the impulse to cringe upon the sight of customers handing out their credit cards when it comes to payment settlement. The process has significantly become so simple that crowded counters almost instantly cleared up one swipe after another.

But aside from the efficiency it provides with charging credit cards, the USBSwiper system has helped Ten Toes keep a more organized list of the products they offer, all complete with details such as tax rates and percentage discounts. Because the system also supports Excel files, Ten Toes is able to easily keep track of their sales, revenue and inventory. It’s a simple point-of-sale system that has considerably helped Ten Toes smooth out their business transactions and operations.

What Sold Ten Toes to the USBSwiper

The USBSwiper credit card reader is just one of the many technologies out there that businesses can use for credit card charging. However, what makes it unique is how it can be seamlessly integrated into the interface of Paypal accounts whether Payments Pro or Payflow Pro. Plus, it works on both PC and Mac platforms!

The main thing that sold Ten Toes to the USBSwiper System though is the excellent tech support and customer service. The system comes with a forum that users can refer to for troubleshooting or for contact information of the developer. From the initial system set up to the programming, they have been guided all throughout by the responsive technical support.

To Ten Toes, the fact that they can communicate directly with the developer was what made things so much easier for them. They were so pleased with how the USBSwiper team was always so eager to resolve any situation that they even bought the attending tech support personnel some beer at one of the trade shows as a sign of their gratitude. The excellent technical support simply topped the system’s affordable pricing, portability, ease of use and innovativeness.


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