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Low cost credit card and check processing on a computer with a mobile card and check scanner

You’ve opened your business and need credit card processing. You think that is all you need – right? Well not exactly!

Customers still use checks to purchase products and services. If you cannot process a check quickly and easily, you could end up losing a sale. So what do you do?

There are merchant credit card processing systems that offer check processing and verification systems but typically to have both a credit card processing system and a check processing system you end up paying all kinds of extra fees for these types of merchant accounts.

Fortunately for you, there is a system that combines the best of both worlds that will allow you to take and process credit cards and checks in your store as well as out in the field at a very low cost.

The system gives you the ability to process credit cards at your brick and mortar store using a PC based system (which gives your customers the peace of mind that you are a real business) and also allows you to process checks on a mobile device with the camera scanner. You also can take the mobile device scanner out in the field to process credit cards and checks anywhere and anytime you need to.

The best part of this powerful and flexible system is that you will have only one single merchant processing account to handle all these devices. The USBSwiper Credit Card Processing System for Computers combined with the PayPal PayPal Here Product for Mobile devices accomplishes this task with ease! This saves you time, money and headaches and gives you the peace of mind that you can process credit cards and checks anytime and anywhere you need to at a very low cost and in a very professional manner.


Don’t own an iPhone, iPad or Compatible Android Device but Still Want to Process Credit Cards on the Go? Here is an Easy Low Cost Solution!

With the proliferation of the Mobile Credit Card Processing arena, many businesses have been able to sign on to the Mobile revolution for processing credit cards inexpensively at their shop or on the go.

But many business owners large and small do not have a compatible mobile device that will work with the small card readers since many Android devices do not work with the card readers.

Also, many businesses do not want to use their Android or iPhones for credit card processing since it is creates a conflict when a phone call comes in. The other issue is that they don’t want to hand their personal phone to an associate to use or they don’t want to purchase another Android or iPhone or iPad solely for the credit card processing function for their business.

So is there a cost effective solution? YES!

Did you know that you can use an inexpensive iPod 3rd or 4th generation in combination with a small Free Credit Card Reader? You can usually find a used one of these mobile devices online and they are very inexpensive. This way you can have a dedicated mobile device for your business without having to give up your phone to your associates or lose phone calls etc. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can process credit cards with a safe fully encrypted free credit card reader.

To learn more about this great solution, please go to

Can You Process Credit Cards on both a Smartphone and a Computer with one merchant account through PayPal?

So you have a business and you want to process credit cards. There are so many choices available to you.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is what type of device to use to process the credit cards. Should it be a Smartphone, a Tablet or a Computer (Laptop or Desktop – PC or MAC).

If you want to be able to have the most flexibility, the answer would be ALL of THE ABOVE!

Unfortunately up until now, to do so would have required multiple merchant accounts and double or triple the monthly fees, gateway fees and perhaps a whole host of other additional costs.

Fortunately the answer just got a whole lot easier.

PayPal offers the Popular “PayPal Here” application for processing credit cards and checks on Smartphones and Tablets and offers the Popular USBSwiper complete product line for credit card processing on Computers. developed the first computer swipe solution for PayPal back in 2007 and has been providing the popular product line to PayPal customers ever since.

PayPal offers an extremely competitive Flat Rate Program for credit card processing and lower fees compared to many other credit card processing companies.

By applying for both solutions, your business has the best solution to process credit cards in your store or on the go or anywhere you want to conduct business. Because both solutions are linked to a single PayPal account, you are offered the most flexible conduit to view and monitor all your transactions and accounting functions.

For more information on this incredible solution, please visit PayPal Here.

Can Square, PayPal Here, or Intuit Go-Payment Credit Card Readers work on a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Square is Not Compatible with Laptops or Desktops

With the arrival of mobile credit card processing devices invariably we see users wanting to know if the credit card readers for these mobile devices are also compatible with their computers.

Unfortunately with companies like Square, Intuit, PayPal or MobilePhoneSwiper, the mobile processing platforms and the credit card readers that go along with them are not interchangeable with a computer. The mobile readers typically plug into the audio jack of the mobile device and the software that decodes the audio signals from these readers has been written for mobile device platforms only and not for computers.

However, there are millions of businesses who already have laptop or desktop computers and even with the massive movement towards mobile convenience, would still like to process credit cards with their existing computer without having to incur the added expense of the mobile device or the more costly data plans that are required.

Not surprisingly many businesses who want to use mobile devices out in the field also want the flexibility to process credit cards on their computer terminals in their offices or stores as well. In addition to this, many businesses also have websites that utilize shopping cart features which also require merchant account credit card processing.

Unfortunately with just about every credit card processing merchant account available on the market you are limited to having to obtain a separate merchant account and device for your mobile processing, a separate account and device for your computer as well as a separate merchant account for your website. This results in extra costs by having to obtain two or even three different merchant accounts. These different accounts will all have different rate structures, added gateway fees and more not to mention the extra time it would take to reconcile the different merchant account statements.

There is one company however that offers the ability to process credit cards with a single merchant account for all three platforms so a business can tie in all their processing on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices, on computers both Windows and MAC and also on the shopping cart system for a website into one single merchant account with rates that are even more competitive than those of Square, Intuit Go-Payment and most other merchant account processors.

So while you may not be able to use the Square or Intuit card reader on your computer, you do have a company that gives you the flexibility you need to process credit cards on any device you want and give you better rates than anyone else to do it!


Card Present vs. Card Not Present Merchant Accounts


These days there are numerous ways that merchants are processing credit cards.  Between websites, retail stores, and mobile solutions, merchants are taking payments everywhere.

Merchant account providers have been lagging behind a little bit, and some are still making it difficult on merchants to get up-and-running with both card present and card not present transactions.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

Card Not Present

One of the most widely used features of payment gateways is the ability to process credit card transactions on a website.  In such cases, the card is not physically present at the point of sale (retail location), and as such, there is a higher risk factor involved for the merchant account provider.

For this reason, merchant account providers typically setup the account with a specific set of rules to flag transactions based on given criteria.  This criterion is different for card not present accounts that it is for card present accounts, which is why some providers choose to separate them completely.

Card Present

Any transaction that is physically swiped through a credit card terminal of some kind is considered a card present transaction.  These transactions carry a much lower risk factor than card not present transactions, and as such, you can typically receive lower processing rates and fewer road blocks with these types of accounts.

You can still process card not present transactions with a card present account.  For example, if a customer calls you on the phone and gives you their card details verbally, you can key this information into your terminal and process the card.  These types of transactions will be charged a higher fee, though, and if you start processing more transactions like this than you do physically swiped transactions your merchant account provider will probably step in and try to get you switched to a different type of account.

What if I Need Both?

These days, you probably have a website where you’re selling your products and services.  (If not, I would highly recommend that you let us help you with that.) You may also have a retail location, though, or you might go to trade shows, hold home sales, or any number of other places where you might need to accept credit cards in person.

In this type of scenario, many merchant account providers will require you to carry two separate merchant accounts: one for the card present transactions, and another for the card not present transactions.

Of course, this caries the additional cost of an additional merchant account and gateway package, and on top of that you have to manage and reconcile two separate merchant accounts.  This is not ideal and can drive your accountant crazy.

We at USBSwiper have worked closely with our merchant account partners to provide a single solution that works for both card present and card not present transactions.  If the card is swiped through your USBSwiper credit card terminal or on your mobile device you will get the card present rate.  If the card is keyed in to a terminal or on your website, you’ll get the card not present rate.  All transactions will be included in the same batch, though, and your account will only have to reconcile a single account against your bank statements.


The introduction of eCommerce, both web and mobile, is changing the way merchants are accepting payments, and it can be tough to find a single merchant account that will handle all of your needs.  Don’t double up on your merchant accounts and pay double the fees.  Instead, check out our options. We’ll probably save you money on your rates, too!