Compare Benefits vs Other Merchants

When you compare against the rest, YOU win hands down EVERY TIME!




Flat Rate Option Available (Visa/MC/Discover).


You WILL be charged much higher rates for “non-qualified” transactions.

Flat Rate Credit Card ProcessingYES

You will NOT be charged higher rates for “non-qualified” transactions with a flat-rate merchant account.
This alone can save you Thousands of Dollars over other solutions.

Built in Bar-Code Scanning Capability


Bar Code ScanningYES

Can Turn Off Monthly Gateway Fee For months when not in use


Disable Gateway Fees Any TimeYES

Same Low Costs for Both Wired or Wireless Terminals


Wired and Wireless Credit Card ProcessingYES

Long Term Contracts / Setup Fees


No Long Term Contracts or Setup FeesNO

Easily export data from your merchant account to import into financial software such as Quicken or QuickBooks.


Export / Import Data to QuickBooks or QuickenYES

Charges Cancellation Fees


No Cancellation FeesNO

Expensive Hardware to Lease or Purchase



You can have 100’s of terminals from multiple locations all feeding into one merchant account


Multiple Credit Card Terminals AvailableYES

Can integrate all your website sales and point of sale transactions into one single merchant account


Web Site and POS IntegrationYES

Works on both MAC and PC Platforms


Mac and Windows CompatibleYES

Easy to Get Started

USBSwiper and/or Merchant account policies, rates, and programs are subject to change at anytime.

The merchant account provider is solely responsible for the approval and or disapproval of any merchant account application as well as any restrictions that they may be imposed on the merchant's account including any and all holdbacks that they may require.

Rates may vary based on certain criteria. More details about Interchange rates are available online.