Compatible Merchant Account Gateways


Both card-present and card-not-present accounts are supported by the USBSwiper software. You now have an inexpensive way to swipe credit cards using your Authorize.Net account.

Group ISO

Specifically designed for high volume merchants, our Group ISO merchant account options can save you money on credit card processing. If you're already using a Group ISO merchant account, you may simply add our software as an add-on for simple credit card processing with a card reader for swiping.


If you're a low-volume merchant ($0 - $5,000 per month) check out our PayLeap merchant account plans, or simply add our credit card reader and software solution to your existing PayLeap account.


USBSwiper was originally developed as a PayPal solution in 2008. While we've added additional merchant account and gateway options to our software, we have not moved away from our strong support of the PayPal platform. Grab our software / card reader and start using it with your PayPal merchant account today!


PayFlow is a popular gateway that was acquired by PayPal years ago and is becoming a larger part of their product lineup. USBSwiper fully supports the PayFlow Gateway so you can easily add point of sale credit card processing to your existing account.