USBSwiper Step 1

Download the USBSwiper ™ software and install it. When you first open the software you need to enter the following login information:

un: user
pw: leave blank. you will be asked to create one upon first logging in.

User Login

Change Password

You will then be presented with the following screen. If you have already gone through the sign-up / checkout process and you have a serial number you may simply click the Setup button and skip to step 5.

USBSwiper Subscription Step 1
USBSwiper Step 2 Next, you may purchase USBSwiper hardware swiper(s) if you need to. Again, if you've already gone through checkout and you don't need this step you may click the link to "Skip this step. I just need the software."
USBSwiper Subscription Setup Step 2
USBSwiper Step 3

You will be presented with your current shopping cart including any software licenses or hardware that you added in the previous steps. If you would like to continue with a credit card click Checkout. If you would like to continue using PayPal, click Checkout with PayPal.

NOTE: If you are purchasing the sofware license(s) only you will see a $0.00 charge for now, but you still need to continue the checkout process with a credit card or PayPal. If you cancel within 2 weeks you will not be charged anything.

USBSwiper Subscription Step 3
USBSwiper Step 4

After completing the sign-up / checkout process you will see a successful page displaying your order information. Included is your serial number for activating the software. Copy this serial number to your clipboard using CTRL+V on Windows or Command+V on a Mac (make sure not to grab any extra white spaces) and then click the Setup button to continue with activation.

USBSwiper Subscription Setup Step 4
USBSwiper Step 5 Paste your serial number into the Setup screen using CTRL+V on Windows or Command+V on a Mac. Then click the Activate button. You will be presented with a successful activation message and a new setup record will be created with your information pulled from the PayPal subscription.
USBSwiper Subscription Setup Step 5
USBSwiper Step 6

Click on the PayPal Settings tab and check the Certificate Mode box.

Then, connect USBSwiper to your PayPal account.

USBSwiper Subscription Step 6
USBSwiper Step 7 Now you're ready to go! You may create invoices and charge them quickly and easily using USBSwiper ™! For more information see our video tutorials.
USBSwiper Subscription Setup Step 7