Mobile Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing has come a long way in only a few short years.

Previously if you wanted to take credit cards out in the field, you had to purchase an expensive wireless machine and pay all sorts of connection and terminal fees not to mention some pretty expensive processing fees.

USBSwiper’s first product line of inexpensive credit card readers and software interfaces made affordable mobile credit card processing a reality by allowing a business to swipe and process credit cards in the field using a laptop computer with an internet connection.  While this is still a great option for thousands of businesses that want to take credit cards both at their business location as well as out in the field, there are new additional affordable methods to take and process credit cards.

With the proliferation of smartphones (iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tablets and Blackberry smarthones) a new era has dawned in mobile credit card processing. Companies have created new product lines such as Square, Intuit Go-Payment, PayPal Here and others in order to take advantage of these new smart devices so that mobile credit card processing can be done in the palm of your hand very inexpensively. has expanded its product line of affordable credit card processing and mobile credit card processing solutions with our product line.

In addition to exciting mobile heavy duty credit card readers for both IOS (Apple) products as well as Android smartphones, has also been able to incorporate new ultra competitive merchant account options to not only compete with but beat the rates and plans offered by those other companies. 

We are also one of the only solutions available on the market to offer single merchant account plans that will work not only with your smartphones, but will also work with you laptop or desktop computers (both Windows and MAC) as well as being able to integrate the same merchant account into your e-commerce website.  (Speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives for all the details on these excellent programs by calling our customer service line at 224-677-0283)

MobilePhoneSwiper also offers better and more secure hardware than Square as well as 24 x 7 Live Customer Support. (Square only offers email support)

All Android Devices with an operating system of 2.3 or greater

iOS Devices
iPhone 5,
iPhone 4,
iPod Touch,
iPad 3,
iPad 2,
iPhone 4S,
iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation

Whether you want to process credit cards using your Laptop Computer or a Smartphone or Tablet, and offers your business uncompromised flexibility and attractive low cost and low rate programs.  For the utmost in a portable, mobile credit card processing solution, USBSwiper / MobilePhoneSwiper is your BEST solution. Now businesses both large and small can benefit from the ability to process credit card transactions using a wired or wireless internet connection.

Anywhere you have internet connectivity, smartphone data plans, smartphone devices, or computers, you have the ability to accept and process credit card transactions both in the office and out in the field. And with the new MobilePhoneSwiper Credit Card Reader and Merchant Account Program, you won’t be charged the expensive terminal and processing fees that many wireless systems charge.
Whether you’re looking for a mobile credit card processing solution or a fixed store location or both, get the best low cost Variable or Flat Rates with our programs!

As mentioned before, our mobile merchant account plans come with unparalleled customer service with 24x7 LIVE merchant account customer support!  You won’t be left out in the field alone like all the Square customers who have to deal with problems via emails and wait days for an answer that may or may not solve your issue.

For more information on these as well as our other low cost credit card processing options, please call our customer service representatives at 224-677-0283.