High Impact Optimized Mobile Websites

The world is going mobile. Is your business ready?

What is your business missing by not having an optimized mobile website?

In today's fast paced world it’s crucial that your business cater to its customers better than ever, that's why being mobile is so important! Today's Mobile Website Optimizationcustomer is not only searching for local businesses on the internet – but many more are searching for them on a mobile device than on a pc.  This is why it is crucial that your website be mobile friendly.

In addition to that, the FTC put in place rules that many businesses must have mobile friendly and mobile compliant websites.
You may think your website is already mobile friendly – but the odds are it's not as less than 5% of all websites today are.

Some important Statistics you should know:

  • The U.S. has over 240 million Smart Phone users which is expected to double in only the next few years
  • In 2013 more people will use mobile devices than PC’s to get online
  • 95% of Smartphone users have searched for a local businesses and information about them
  • 61% of those users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location
  • 90% of those users act within 24 hours
  • 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase
  • 80% of customers leave a website viewed on their mobile device in less than 3 seconds if they have a bad user experience
  • 57% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site
  • 40% turn to a competitor immediately

Our Mobile Websites are not generic sites.  They are custom hand edited beautiful sites with many custom features such as Click to Call, Click to Text, Click to Email, Mapping Functions, Menu Pages (for Restaurants), YouTube Integration, Image Galleries, PayPal and Google Checkout and much much more.

For one Low Price, we will:

  • Mobilize your entire website
  • Our Professionals will customize and enhance your mobile site
  • Tell us what you want and we will meet your expectations.
  • We will create an initial preview of your custom site within 3 business days
  • We take care of site setup
  • We will redirect the mobile site from your main site so anyone viewing your main site on a mobile device will automatically be redirected to the new mobile site. 
  • We will set up your custom mobile domain
  • You get Full Analytics Tracking to keep track of all your mobile website traffic and site visitors
  • Phone and email support
  • Technical support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

You also get one year of premium mobile site hosting included at NO additional cost (a $180 value.)Mobile Optimized Web Development

We offer many different site configurations as well as 3 different site size plans:

  • HomePage plus up to 10 Hand Edited pages
  • HomePage plus up to 20 Hand Edited Pages
  • HomePage plus up to 30 Hand Edited Pages

Typical delivery of a completed site start to finish is 10 – 14 days

Please call 224-677-0283