Point of Sale Credit Card Processing System for PayPal

Are you already using PayPal Virtual Terminal or Website Payments Pro? If so, our point-of-sale software / swiper solution is the perfect addition for you to process credit cards at the point of sale.

PayPal Credit Card Processing

PayPal can be a great option for merchants who are familiar with their platform and the tools they provide. It can be a great solution for businesses who are familiar with PayPal and wish to stick with them rather than move to a traditional merchant account option.

  1. PayPal offers one Low Flat Rate covering 3 major credit cards (Visa/MC/Discover) (American Express available for slightly higher fee).

    PayPal’s low, flat rate system for their Virtual Terminal / VT Swipe offers a per transaction rate that ends up being far less expensive than the tiered rates you would get through other credit card processing systems which could end up costing you a lot more money.

  2. USBSwiper Flat Rates through PayPal are almost .25% lower than PayPal’s rates direct!

    USBSwiper goes a step further and accesses PayPal’s Flat Rate WEB RATES which are even lower than PayPal’s Virtual Terminal / VT Swipe Rates… almost a ¼% lower! So a system powered by USBSwiper is even less expensive per transaction than if you used PayPal Virtual Terminal directly!

Many other merchant accounts want to lock you into long term contracts, which once you learn how much they are costing you, may be hard and expensive to get out of. Neither USBSwiper nor PayPal require contracts or early termination fees. Rest assured you'll have the freedom to close your account if necessary without any hassles.

Just take a look at the many benefits that you will receive by having the USBSwiper point of sale credit card processing system powered by PayPal.

When you use our system combined with PayPal to accept credit cards, you will have best in class of all processing systems.

Compare PayPal Transaction Rates vs USBSwiper Rates

Transaction Rates

Compare USBSwiper.com Rates vs PayPal Virtual Terminal / VT Swipe

Overall Benefits

Compare USBSwiper.com Benefits vs PayPal Virtual Terminal / VT Swipe

The Devil is in the details and when you compare the USBSwiper / PayPal System, you would be crazy not to consider USBSwiper to be your credit card processing solution.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Created by ACE Certified PayPal Developer

USBSwiper's unique software interface with the popular PayPal platform gives business owners more benefits and reliable, easy-to-manage flat rates.

Previously only an online credit card accepting system, our inexpensive software interface gives your business unparalleled savings and simplicity to swipe credit cards and save time!

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