Credit Card Processing Rates - USBSwiper Hides Nothing

Read below to learn the 7 Reasons Why USBSwiper's FLAT RATES and Low Fees with PayPal beat the competition on all Counts! Then view our rates below.

USBSwiper Has...

1. NO Costly Tiered Rates

When you call around to get rates, don't be fooled by the LOW rate they quote you. That Is the teaser rate they want to lure you in with. However, only about 20% of your transactions actually "qualify" for that low teaser rate!!! The other 80% will be at a much higher rate called the "NON-Qualified Transaction" rate and therefore will be at a much higher rate along with "NON-Card-Present" Transactions. This is where most credit card processing companies REAP Huge profits at YOUR Expense.

Learn what "QUALIFIED" and "NON-QUALIFIED" Transaction Rates and "NON-CARD-PRESENT" Transaction Rates are by visiting Points #6 and #7 Below.

The USBSwiper Benefit – PayPal does not charge Tiered Rates – They only charge you a single flat rate for all your transactions for Visa, MC, and Discover card that ends up being cheaper than the combination of all the other tiered rates and fees the other companies charge you. USBSwiper adds nothing to PayPal's rates. However because of our unique software interface, we actually are able to access PayPal's Web Rates which are cheaper by almost .25%. So the Software saves you even more!!

2. NO Minimum Monthly Transaction Fees

With other companies, if you don't charge up a certain amount of transactions fees in a given month, (which is where they make their profit) they penalize you and increase your rates even HIGHER, or they charge you an additional minimum transaction penalty fee.

The USBSwiper Benefit – Our transaction fees are based solely on the amount of volume you do in a month and are only charged on actual transactions. So even if you don't charge a single customer, we don't charge you any extra service fees, higher transaction rates, or penalize you in any way for your lack of business.

3. NO Long Term Contracts

Question: Why do companies lock you into long term contracts???

Answer: They know once you learn the truth about how much you are really being charged – YOU ARE STUCK and will have to pay an expensive cancellation Fee.

The Benefit – With PayPal's Virtual Terminal as the Merchant Account, there are NO CONTRACTS and NO SET UP Fees. Cancel at ANY TIME. We know how good our product is! We don't need to lock you into anything! Now isn't that refreshing?

4. LOW Monthly Fees

You can't get away from them, but many companies quote you Lower Monthly Fees only to bury other fees that kick in when you don't meet certain requirements. They make a lot of money fooling you with their "Low Monthly Fees" This is another reason they lock you in to long term contracts.

The Benefit - Our Monthly Fee is SET IN STONE. Whether you use the system or not, you will always pay 1 low monthly Fee for the Software of only $4.95 per month *per license! It Costs you Less Than $60.00 for the entire year for the ability to process Credit Cards Anytime, Anywhere. And with PayPal administering the actual Merchant Account, their $30.00 Monthly Fee can be turned on and off (for example: if you are a seasonal business), and during the months you don't use it and turn it off, they DON'T CHARGE YOU!!!! Again you are not locked into any Contracts or Cancellation Fees. It doesn't get any better than that !!!
*(each additional license for multiple terminals when purchased together are only an extra $1.50 per month)

5. NO Expensive Equipment Costs

Leasing and Purchasing of Equipment

  1. Leasing:- Many companies quote you low processing rates and make it up somewhere else…. EQUIPMENT LEASING. They charge you $75 - $90 per month for a machine that costs them a total of $75.00 and they lock you in to that leasing contract for 3 to 4 years. You get to pay an extra $4 GRAND for a $75 piece of equipment. In the end, you pay a tremendous amount of money paying for a machine that you don't own and that you will have to re-lease when the contract ends. That extra money more than eats in to whatever savings you thought you were getting with the "Low Processing Rate". Just do the math and you will see. Then you will know why our products and our rates are so much better!!
  2. Purchasing:- This is the new game in town. Companies SELL you an expensive Terminal for around $500.00 only to tell you 1 or 2 years later that the terminal is no longer in compliance with new Security memos. So guess what? You need to PURCHASE or LEASE a NEW TERMINAL. And if you are looking for Mobile or Wireless terminals, you are in for a shock on the costs of having to lease or buy them over and over again.

The Benefit – With USBSwiper, you already OWN the equipment… Your Laptop or Computer (PC or MAC)!! There are No Products to lease and our hardware cost for our small lightweight Swiper is embarrassingly LOW. There are NO CONTRACTS, NO SET UP FEES, and no Games or Gimmicks. You Can Cancel at ANY TIME with no Cancellation Fee.

For more information on how the phenomenal USBSwiper Credit Card Processing System Works, Click Here!

6. ZERO "Non Qualified" Transaction Costs

Question: Why don't many stores accept American Express or Discover Cards?

Answer: Its simple, those cards do not "Qualify" for the low teaser rates credit card processing companies charge for best tier Visa and Master Card transactions. Many merchants do not want to pay the higher fees those cards charge.

Now, the problem is, only 20% of Visa and Master Card transactions actually "Qualify" for those low teaser rates as well. Why? Well, as we all know, most people these days like to use credit cards that give them a little extra for using them such as Airlines miles, Hotels Stays, Cash Back etc.

Those perks cost money and someone has to pay for them. Guess who? Yep! You! You see, Visa and Master Card can not afford to offer those low teaser rates on those types of transactions and pay for those airline miles or other perks. So you the merchant get to pay for those "rewards" in higher – MUCH HIGHER processing costs. Those types of transactions are called "NON-QUALIFIED" Transactions and they can make up to 80% of the credit card processing costs you pay. It is most common for those "NON-QUALIFIED" Transactions to be priced anywhere from 3.2% to 5% or even more depending upon the type of reward attached to that card.

So you see, if only 20% of your transactions end up as "QUALIFIED" where you pay lets say… 1.50% and 80% of your transactions end up at lets say 3.5% or more..(because they are "NON-QUALIFIED" transactions) then your average processing rate can be well over 3%. So you can see USBSwiper's FLAT rates shown in chart below can actually save you more money on each and every transaction. If your monthly sales volume exceeds $10,000, our FLAT transactions rates drop as low as 2.20% for each transaction.

7. ZERO "Non Card" Present Transaction Costs

Do you ever take sales orders over the phone which would then require you to manually type in the credit card information into a credit card processing terminal? Well, almost every company looks at that type of transaction as a "riskier" transaction from one where the customer actually hands you their card. Hence, companies will charge you a higher rate for that perceived "risk". The USBSwiper system in combination with PayPal treats those transactions like any other. There is no penalty charged to you for just conducting "Business as Normal". Now doesn't that just make sense? Don't let the other companies steal your profits away and nit-pick you with extra charges for every little thing… Try the USBSwiper Solution we know you will like it… and if you don't, we wont charge you if you cancel.

So Just to Sum It All Up!!!

In the end, when you average in the "Non-Qualified" Transactions, the "Non-Card-Present" Transactions, the monthly fees (and the ones they get you for when you don't meet certain requirements), and their monthly equipment costs (if any), it all ends up costing you an average monthly processing rate of at least 3.5% or most likely much much more!!!

Now that you are better educated, it's time to learn why our rates and costs are so better for your bottom line!

And don't forget depending on your Sales Volume, you can qualify For FLAT RATES as LOW as 2.20%.

USBSwiper FLAT RATES through PayPal:

The transaction rates you will be charged when using the USBSwiper System are by PayPal ONLY. USBSwiper Adds NOTHING to your rates!! However, USBSwiper's unique PayPal software interface locks you into PayPal's less expensive Web Rates which end up giving you a FLAT Processing rate 0.20% cheaper than if you went through PayPal Directly!! Our System Actually Ends up SAVING you Even More Money than if you went through PayPal Direct.

Sales Volume per month Transaction Rates for
This is the rate you will pay PayPal.
USBSwiper does not add any additional fee.

+30 cents per swipe

> $10,000.00


$3,000.01 - $10,000.00


$0 - $3,000.00


If you're interested in a variable-rate merchant account with rates as low as 1.48% check out our other merchant account options.