Credit Card Reader For Laptop or Desktop Computer (Windows or MAC) USB Interface

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Credit Card Reader For Laptop or Desktop Computer (Windows or MAC)  USB Interface

This credit card reader creates the fastest, easiest way to accept credit card payments or collect data using your computer. Recommended by top merchant account providers! Read complete description for more info..

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Full 1 Year Warranty!

Computer 3 Track Credit Card Reader. Reads all credit, debit and other cards with a magnetic strip (including chip cards which still have magnetic strips on the back) - reads 1 track, 2 tracks or all 3 tracks of data.

USB Interface

Works on all Windows Laptop and Desktop Computers (XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 & 10 PC and Windows Surface with Windows 8 & 10 - but not Windows RT)

Also Works on MAC Computers!

Used by:

- Small to Large Sized Businesses

- Educational Institutions and

- Governmental Agencies

Collect all card data from magnetic strip into a Notepad, Word, Excel, Web Form (Single Field) or other type of document (no additional software needed)

Use with your own Merchant Account - Partial List of Compatible Merchant Accounts Listed Below.

To use this Card Reader with PayPal Virtual Terminal, Payments Pro or PayFlow - Click Here

To use this Card Reader with our own LOW RATE Merchant Account Programs - Click Here


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Measures only 3.5" x 1" x 1" - Fits in the palm of your hand

5 foot long USB Cable

Standard 3 Track Keyboard Emulation - (K.E.M.) Bi-Directional Credit Card Swiper

Reads cards with 1 track, 2 tracks or 3 tracks of data

USB Interface, External USB Card Reader Swiper, 

Conforms to ISO Standards

USB Interface

Long lasting and durable rated for over 1,000,000 swipes!




Full 1 Year Warranty!

This Computer Credit / Debit Card Reader Works on all Windows and MAC Laptop and Desktop Computers (XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 & 10 PC and Windows Surface with Windows 8 & 10 - but not Windows RT)

Reads all credit, debit and other cards with a magnetic strip - reads 1 track, 2 tracks or all 3 tracks of data.

Use this credit card reader 3 different ways:

1) Use with our own low cost - low rate credit card processing plans with rates starting as LOW as 0.55% and get this card reader OR a Chip Card Reader for FREE! Click Here for more information.

2) Use with your existing credit card processing merchant account that is compatible with this type of card reader such as, Charity Auction Organizer, Elavon Virtual Terminal, PayJunction, Chase PaymenTech Virtual Terminal, MindBody Online and hundreds more.

(scroll down the page to get a larger list of compatible merchant account providers that we know this type of credit card reader works with and learn how to check if your provider is compatible)

3) Collect all card data from magnetic strip into a Notepad, Word, Excel, Web Form (Single Field) or other type of document (no additional software needed)

Data collection such as:

- Credit Card or Debit Card Information

- Age Verification from AAMVA Drivers Licenses

- Reading Data on Gift Cards, Drivers Licenses, Student I.D. Cards or any card with a Magnetic Strip

- Access Control and More!

To use this Computer Credit Card Reader with PayPal Virtual Terminal, Payments Pro or PayFlow - Click Here

To use this Computer Credit Card Reader with - Click Here

Want a Free Credit Card Reader for an iPhone, Android or Blackberry? Click Here

This Computer Credit Card Reader:

  - Has a Full 1 Year Warranty

  - Reads all 3 Tracks of Data

  - Is Keyboard Emulation

  - Is Bi-Directional

  - Has USB Port Interface - Plug and Play

  - Has Long Lasting Card Reader Heads

Our 3 track credit card reader is identical to credit cards readers on the market at twice the price.

Reads the Following Card Types

Our credit card reader / swiper can read the data off of any card that contains a magnetic stripe (credit cards, gift cards, drivers licenses etc.) and reads all 3 tracks of data.  The output of the data from the magnetic strip will can also be displayed to any "Word" or "NotePad" type document or "Excel Spreadsheet"  WITHOUT the need for any additional software!

Third-Party Compatibility List (partial)

With the USBSwiper Credit Card Reader, turn your computer into a credit card processing terminal when used in conjunction with compatible merchant accounts or software platforms

Below is just a short list of some of the most popular Merchant Account Providers our credit card reader works with for their computer credit card processing environment WITHOUT the need for additional software (Works with 100's of other Merchant Account providers as well) 

If your current credit card processing software and /or merchant account provides software or has a virtual terminal that is compatible with a keyboard emulation 3 track USB interface reader, then our credit card reader will work.  If you do not see your merchant account or software platform listed below, please check with them as to compatibility.

  • Auctions for SalesForce


  • BioMedics Traknet

  • BlackBaud

  • Centershift

  • Charity Auction Organizer / Auctria - with Stripe Merchant Account

  • CHASE PaymenTech

  • Elavon (Virtual Terminal)

  • First Data (Virtual Terminal)

  • Fishbowl Inventory

  • Intuit GoPayment Website Interface

  • Intuit Merchant Services with Quickbooks Software (not virtual terminal)

  • Med Fusion (with Intuit)

  • MerchantWARE by Merchant Warehouse

  • MindBody Online

  • Opera Web Suite

  • PayJunction

  • PayTrace

  • PC America

  • PC Charge

  • SalesForce Click & Pledge

  • SecureNet

  • Slim CD

  • Spa-Booker

  • Skyware Systems

  • TicketLeap

  • Transfirst (Virtual Terminal)

  • Vend Point of Sale

  • Volusion

  • and many more...

If your merchant account provider is not listed above, please check with them to verify that a 3 Track Non-Encrypted Keyboard Emulation Credit Card Swiper will work with their merchant account system and /or their virtual terminal as there may be a software they need to provide.  If not, we offer many low rate merchant accounts that do work with this type of reader.  Please call us at 224-677-0283 for more information.

Get a FREE credit card reader for a computer, smartphone, or tablet when you get approved for one of our Low Rate Merchant Account ProgramsClick here to view programs and get started.

The USBSwiper USB (Universal Serial Bus) keyboard emulation credit card reader reads all 3 tracks off the magnetic strip on any card.  The reader is a compact (3.5" x 1" x 1") and conforms to ISO standards. 

This is not a credit card reader to use for purchasing personal items on websites or for use in completing different credit card fields on a webpage unless you have a programmer who can parse data for that purpose.

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Latest Customer Reviews on USBSwiper

USBSwiper credit card verification and processing through our Club PayPal account has provided our Club a portable easy-to-use automated process for accepting credit card payments to replace our old manual method of card impressions requiring personal signatures and manual collection of telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses. USBSwiper capabilities have saved us hundreds of hours of manual effort required to collect and deliver the manual card impressions to our Bank for processing. Manual effort to follow-up with customers whose credit cards were not accepted by our bank and loss of sales not collectible because of unauthorized credit cards has been eliminated. So far, our major use of USBSwiper has been for our major fund-raising events like our annual Christmas Tree Sales Lot located in a remote area. With broadband internet access from our Club laptop computer connected with the USBSwiper software, card-swiper and a printer we swipe credit cards that are authorized and processed for payment through our Club PayPal. Email notifications are received immediately for all authorized payments. Customers are provided a printed receipt for their purchase. Complete sales reports are available from the USBSwiper software and via our PayPal account. Based on our Club’s successful use of USBSwiper, our Rotary District 5150 has implemented USBSwiper for credit card processing at all District events for event fees.

Our apparel sales during soccer tournaments increased immensely with the addition of USBSwiper. We’ve reduced transaction time and eliminated all errors caused by manual data entry. Powerful, yet simple to use, USBSwiper was a life saver for us!

My name is Countessa A. and I am the owner of True Perforations. My website is The small business that I run is Body Modification services. The services include body piercing and Permanent Cosmetic services, along with jewelry sales. My business used to be solely run on cash only. In this day in age running your business that way is obsolete. Everyone, now days, doesn’t carry cash. I’m one of those people. So I decided to take my business further and start taking “plastic”. The only problem that I found with trying to accept that type of service through most banks is that they charge you way too much for the credit card processing service and for the equipment. Not to mention setting it up to your account was more of a hassle than anything. If I was a big corporation I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m not a big corporation. I then found PayPal’s Virtual Terminal. I had used that for some time. It was helpful for phone orders and web orders, but when it came to in person transactions; I didn’t really like having to type in all of my customers’ information every single time. That took a lot of time. After looking around some more for an easier (and faster) gateway, I found USB Swiper. It was relatively cheaper than anything else I had found. There were no super long term contracts, and the fees were super low. The thing that sold me was that they worked with PayPal and I no longer had to type in information! This is… RAD! It allowed me to me to store all my products and prices in this drop down menu… which makes it super for easy invoicing later. The one thing I loved the most is if I travel to a trade show or convention I could still take credit card transactions even if I don't have internet connection. I could process them when internet connection is back up or when it is available. That is also RAD! I have recommended many people (not just in my line of business, but others as well) to start using USB Swiper. I think every small or home based business should use this software. Not only is it amazing, but I would say everyone NEEDS to be using it. A lot of my customers’, who see and know that I use this, say that it’s neat and appreciate that it is small business friendly and happy they’re not contributing to a huge corporation. USB Swiper is super amazing, easy to use, and low cost. Everyone should be using it! If you’re not convinced yet, just look at their website and see what they have to offer. Sincerely, Countessa "Ms.Dee".